Course Descriptions

CORE42Logo_sM Core 42 approved

SPK101: CORE42Logo_sM  Public Speaking 3-0-3 (MOTR COMM110)
This course studies the role of speaking in communication in both formal and informal situations. The course includes a study of the communication process, the role of the listener, methods of speech organization, informative and persuasive techniques, and effective delivery.

SPK120: Interpersonal Communications 3-0-3
Focuses on the role of communication and the principles of becoming effective communicators in personal and professional relationships. Introduces activities and techniques to improve one-on-one and small group communication skills and nonverbal communication. Includes topics such as perception, self-concept, language, feedback, listening skills, conflict resolution, sensitivity to cultural and gender differences and other elements affecting interpersonal communication in various real-world scenarios.

SPK210: Oral Interpretation 3-0-3
This course deals with the study of prose, poetry and dramatic literature through oral interpretation. Interpretation involves active participation in the literary form that cannot be achieved in traditional methods of study. Additionally, the course develops the student’s self-confidence, physical and vocal awareness.