Course Descriptions

Core 42 approved

MUS 101:  Fundamentals of Music 3-0-3  (MOTR MUSC101)
MUS 101 is the study of notation of melody, rhythm, meter and musical terminology, as well as the writing, playing and singing of intervals, scales, and triads. This is an elective for the non-music major and for the music major with insufficient background and for theory. (IN)

MUS 102: Music Appreciation 3-0-3  (MOTR MUSC100)
This course is an introduction to music, emphasizing the various phases of musical beauty, designed to furnish a rational basis for intelligent listening to music. Focus is on basic elements of music and listening techniques; representational Renaissance, Classicism, Romanticist, and Post-Romanticist composers and their music; and discussion of extra-musical factors that bear upon lives and works. (FA, SP, SU)

MUS 103:  History of Rock and Roll 3-0-3  (MOTR MUSC100RP)
After looking closely to the elements of Rhythm and Blues, students will examine the history of rock music from the 1950’s through the current trends in rock. (SP)

MUS105 Music of America 3-0-3  (MOTR MUSC100J)
This course is designed to study the music of the American music stage, ragtime, jazz, big band, leading American composers, and American film music. (SP)

MUS 106:   Music History I 3-0-3 (MOTR MUSC 103)
A study of art music, its styles and forms with emphasis on representative works from the standard repertoire including the Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classic eras.

MUS 107:   Music History lI 3-0-3 (MOTR MUSC 104)
A survey of the history of western music of the Romantic era through the twentieth century.

MUS 115: Fundamentals of Singing 2-0-2
This group instructional class is designed for beginning voice students and focuses on proper breathing techniques, diction, stage presence, and tone production. English as well as Italian and German songs will be taught. (SP)

MUS 116: Basic Piano Skills 2-0-2
Group instruction is provided for students who want to learn the piano. Focus is on the keyboard through proper technique, note reading, and simple chords. (FA, SP)

MUS 120, MUS 121, MUS 220, MUS 221: Private Voice I, II, III, IV 1-0-1
Individual vocal study is scheduled by arrangement with the instructor. Course may be repeated for credit four times. (FA, SP)

MUS 122, MUS 123, MUS 222, MUS 223: Private Piano I, II, III, IV 1-0-1
Individual piano study is scheduled by arrangement with the instructor. Course may be repeated for credit four times. (FA, SP)

MUS 130, MUS 131, MUS 230, MUS 231  MACC Singers 0-3-1  (MOTR PERF102C)
This course emphasizes vocal technique and good choral literature. Membership is by audition only and personnel are selected on the basis of musicianship as well as singing ability. The laboratory requirement for this course will be through performance in several concerts each year, taking tours in the surrounding area and performing on numerous other occasions. MUS 130, MUS 131, and MUS 230 are to be taken in sequence and may be taken only one time. MUS 231 may be repeated for credit indefinitely. (FA, SP)

MUS 135, MUS 136, MUS 235, MUS 236 MACC Jazz Ensemble 0-3-1
Students will study and apply the fundamentals of the various styles of Jazz Music. Historical and theoretical aspects associated with the performance of Jazz will be incorporated into each rehearsal. Performances will be an integral part of the class and vital to student success. Performances will be scheduled for selected home basketball games, community events and other opportunities. The course may be repeated for credit four times. (IN)

MUS 137, MUS 138, MUS 237, MUS 238: MACC Concert Band 0-3-1  (MOTR PERF102B)
This course is an instrumental performing ensemble made up of musicians of all ages and abilities. The purpose of the course is to offer students a chance to perform concerts in the community and advance their music skills. Students should have a basic prior knowledge of how to play their respective instruments. MUS137, MUS138, MUS237 are to be taken in sequence and may be taken only one time. MUS238 may be repeated for credit indefinitely.

MUS 141: Music Theory I 3-0-3 
Study of basic rhythm, melody, principal triads and inversions, dominant seventh cords, cadences, non-harmonic tones, part-writing, and keyboard harmony. Prerequisite: MUS143

MUS 142: Music Theory II 3-0-3 
Continuation of MUS140 including triads, seventh chords, secondary dominants, elementary modulation, figured bass, and keyboard harmony. Prerequisite: MUS141 and MUS143. Corequisite: MUS144

MUS 143: Aural Training I 2-0-1 
Study of rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic dictation in major and minor scales and sight singing in treble and bass clefs. Corequisite: MUS141

MUS 144: Aural Training II 2-0-1 
Continuation of MUS143 involving more complex rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic dictation and sight singing. Prerequisite: MUS141 and MUS142. Corequisite: MUS142

MUS 205:   World Music 3-0-3  (MOTR MUSC102)
This course will study music from various regions of the world. (FA)