Course Descriptions

CORE42Logo_sM Core 42 approved

DRM 115 Cultural Studies in Theater 3-0-3
This course provides intense immersion in theater through viewing live theater, touring theater buildings, and meeting with theater professionals while traveling in the U.S. or abroad. The focus is on theater history, criticism, and production and its cultural variations. Prerequisite: DRM120 or instructor approval. (IN)

DRM 120 CORE42Logo_sM Theater Appreciation 3-0-3 (MOTR THEA100A)
Students are introduced to all aspects of the art of theater from theatrical production to theater history and literature.

DRM 150 CORE42Logo_sM  Acting I 3-0-3  (MOTR PERF100)
This course includes methods and techniques of training in pantomime, improvisation, staging, and characterization.

DRM 160 CORE42Logo_sM Children’s Theater 3-0-3  (MOTR THEA100B)
This course introduces students to various types of theater for children, giving them an opportunity to develop theatrical skills especially appropriate for young audiences. Course includes units in storytelling, story theater, clowning, puppetry, and playback theater, and its use in conflict resolution. Public performances are required. (SP)

DRM 165 CORE42Logo_sM Stage Makeup 1-0-1 (MOTR PERF104M)
This course is designed to provide an understanding of, and practical skills in, the design and application of makeup for theatrical performance. Pre- or corequisite: DRM120, DRM150, DRM160 or instructor approval. (SP)

DRM 210 Acting II 3-0-3
Acting II is a continuation of Acting I with emphasis on acting styles and historical pieces. Students will examine acting theories and work on characterization techniques. Prerequisite: DRM150 or instructor approval.

DRM 215 CORE42Logo_sM Directing 3-0-3 (MOTR PERF101)
This course is designed to introduce students to the art and application of theatrical direction. Students will explore stage design, blocking, characterization, theme, concept, and actor coaching. The course will culminate in a student-directed project. Prerequisites: DRM150 or DRM160 or instructor approval. (IN)

DRM 299 Special Studies in Drama (1 to 6)-0-(1 to 6)
This course will consist of specialized study in areas of the department, which are not covered in-depth in courses already offered. Students may take no more than three Special Studies courses in any one discipline. (IN)