Health Sciences

Course Descriptions

HSC 120 Health and Hygiene 2-0-2
Health and Hygiene is a study of personal health issues with the goal of developing decision-making skills. An emphasis is placed on health behavior and health decision-making dealing with consumer choices, personal habit choices, sexual choices, and chemical choices.

HSC 121 First Aid 2-0-2
This course provides instruction in emergency first aid procedures, including basic life support; resuscitations; control of bleeding; and treatment of shock, wounds, and fractures. Additional instruction is provided in procedures to follow in other medical emergencies and environmental emergencies. (FA)

HSC171 Medical Terminology 3-0-3
This course provides vocabulary necessary for employment in Health Sciences careers such as medical records technician and medical office assistant through the study of body systems and anatomical terms, diseases, tumors, and surgical procedures. Basic computer skills recommended prior to enrolling in this course.