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Course Descriptions/Common Syllabi

This section contains descriptions of courses offered at Moberly Area Community College. Not all of the courses listed in this section are offered every semester. Information on where and when these courses are available may be found in each semester’s course schedule available on the Course Offerings page. Contact advising for more information.

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LAL 053 Academic Literacy  3-0-3
Academic Literacy is an intensive reading and writing skills course whose purpose is to use the connection of reading with writing and writing with reading to prepare students for college-level work in both content areas. The course will teach students the strategies and methods of successful readers, strategies that throughout the course will be applied to a significant number of college-textbook readings. Critical thinking discussions regarding the readings will prepare students for writing. The class will focus on the writing process steps, including the concepts of prewriting, organization, unity, development, introductions, conclusions, and revision. There will be emphasis on clarity and coherence, which includes review of grammar, usage, sentence structure, word choice, and punctuation. It is also the purpose of all developmental classes to help each student become successful through the development of a variety of college study skills. Please note that because Integrated Reading and Writing focuses on the foundations of writing academically and preparing students to enter the Composition sequence, it does not include research in any of its writing assignments. Prerequisite: Eligible placement score.

LAL 090 Composition I Corequisite  3-0-3
This course is designed for high-level developmental English students needing only supplemental instruction in conjunction with the college-level Composition I coursework. Composition I Lab is a corequisite course with Composition I, and successful completion of both courses will satisfy any and all developmental writing and reading requirements as well as Composition I. Composition I Lab coursework will complement and enhance students’ comprehension of the Composition I curriculum by focusing on building necessary foundational skills through tailored and individualized instruction. Prerequisite: Eligible placement score. Corequisite: LAL101

LAL 101 Composition I  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR ENGL100)
This course teaches the process of writing, from prewriting to revision. Focus is on reading and critical thinking, essay writing, and literary analysis. Course provides practice in computer-assisted writing and oral communication. Prerequisite: Eligible placement score or C or higher in appropriate developmental course or concurrent enrollment in LAL090.

LAL 102 Composition II   3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM   (MOTR ENGL200)
Students are introduced to research writing through originality, organization, and persuasion. Focus is on critical thinking when conducting research, considering sources, and synthesizing information. Prerequisites: LAL101 or instructor approval.

LAL 115 Introduction to Fiction Writing  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM (MOTR PERF106F)
LAL115 is a study of techniques of fiction writing through historical and contemporary short story writing in order to develop publishable student work. Focus is on invention, execution, and revision of stories through a variety of examples and assignments.

LAL 116 Introduction to Poetry Writing  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR PERF106P)
LAL116 is an introduction to techniques of poetry writing through historical and contemporary poems in order to develop publishable student work. Focus is on invention, execution, and revision of poems through a variety of examples and assignments.

LAL 117 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR PERF106NF)
This course is a study of techniques of creative nonfiction writing. Students examine historical and contemporary essay writing in order to develop publishable work. Focus is on invention, execution, and revision of essays through a variety of examples and assignments.

LAL 120 American Literature Survey to 1870  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR101A)
This course is a study of American literature from the colonial period to the late 19th century, emphasizing reading, interpretation, and criticism of works by major authors.

LAL121 American Literature Survey from 1870 to Present  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR101B)
This course is a study of American literature from the late 19th century to the present, emphasizing reading, interpretation, and criticism of works by major authors.

LAL 125 African-American Literature  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR105AA)
This course is a study of African-American literature through the examination of historical implications and genre contributions of major African-American writers. Course emphasizes the reading, interpretation, and criticism of major works.

LAL 130 Literature of the American South  3-0-3
This course will examine the literary expression and cultural identity of the American South. Students will consider how Southern writers approach the topics of race, gender, class, and religion. Also, students will consider the South as both a part of America and a fiercely independent region. The course will trace these issues from the Old South of the 19th century, the Civil War, Reconstruction, the Southern Renaissance, to the Modern South of the mid 20th century. (IN)

LAL 150 English Literature Survey to 1750  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR102A)
This course surveys English literature from the Anglo-Saxon to the Neoclassical period, emphasizing reading, interpretation, and criticism of works by major authors. (FA)

LAL 151 English Literature Survey from 1750 to Present  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR102B)
This course surveys English literature from the Romantic, Victorian, Modernist, and Postmodern periods.

LAL 153 Introduction to Contemporary Literature  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR100)
This course focuses on the appreciation of Contemporary literature with particular emphasis on surveying a diverse scope of genres [short stories, poetry, drama]. It focuses on terminology, techniques, and critical interpretation of literature written in the last 30 years.

LAL 160 Introduction to Film Studies  3-0-3    (MOTR FILM 100)
This course is a study of the history, development, theory, and criticism of the film/video arts, as well as the basic principles of film making and film production. Prerequisite: LAL053 or placement for LAL101.

LAL 161 History of Film  3-0-3
This course is an introduction to film history from the beginning of cinema to current films. The technological, cultural, and aesthetic development in motion pictures will be studied. Students will understand, analyze, and explore the human condition through watching and discussing various films throughout history. Prerequisite: LAL053 or placement for LAL101.

LAL 210 A Survey of World Literature I  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR200A)
This course is a survey of world literature from the earliest texts to the 18th century. (IN)

LAL 211 A Survey of World Literature II  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR200M)
This course is a survey of world literature from the 18th century to the present.

LAL 216 Intermediate Poetry Writing  3-0-3
LAL216 offers an in-depth guide to the practice of poetry writing. Through workshop, lecture, and discussion, students will focus on the sustained production of publishable work. Prerequisite: LAL116 or instructor approval. (IN)

LAL 222 Masterpieces  3-0-3
This course is a study of recognized masterpieces from world literature. (IN)

LAL 250 History and Development of the Short Story  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR100F)
This course introduces the general reader with the literary genre of short stories, tracing the history and development of the short story.

LAL 251 Science Fiction  3-0-3
Students explore science fiction and fantasy through study of short stories, novels, and films.

LAL 252 Children’s Literature for the Elementary Teacher  3-0-3
LAL252 is an introduction to children’s literature, including materials and pedagogical methods for children’s literature. Focus is on a brief historical survey, theories of child development, principal literary genres, evaluation of literature, and educational methodology. Course may be taken for preprofessional education credit.

LAL 255 Women’s Literature  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR106)
This course looks closely at literature written by women between the Anglo- Saxon period and the twenty-first century. The course introduces students to various genres of literature written by women of various socio-economic and philosophical groundings. Discussion of readings, films, and other media trace the development of women’s writings and increases students’ appreciation and awareness of the excellence in women’s writing.

LAL 265 Shakespeare  3-0-3    (MOTR LITR 107)
This course provides an introductory study to Shakespeare’s tragedies, comedies, and histories, and a careful study of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Shakespeare’s importance as a dramatist and the enduring nature of his ideas and vision are stressed. The course studies the cultural contexts in which Shakespeare lived and worked. The class may view films and live performances.

LAL 275 Classical Mythology  3-0-3  CORE42Logo_sM  (MOTR LITR201)
The student is introduced to the subject of classical mythology with emphasis placed on its relevance to interpretation of both literature and art.

LAL299 Special Studies in English (1-6)-0-(1-6)
This course will consist of specialized study in areas of the department, which are not covered in-depth in courses already offered. Students may take no more than three Special Studies courses in any one discipline. (IN)

1981-82 National Championship Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran
Ball Boy – Troy Halterman
Eleanor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Brenna Kelly
Carmela McMullen
Tammy Harryman
Janet Thompson
Kim Cooley
Lisa Brown
Georgia Hinson
Kathy Schulz
Denise Derrieux
Margrett Bassett
Jackie Glosson
Marion Fitzsimmons
Manager – Debbie Brown
Manager – John Peveler

1980-1981 Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran 
Sandy Moore
Pat Seger Zeitlow
Lisa Linathcum Holt
Patty Rapp Thorne
Renne Skaggs Brown
Vickie Crigler
Elenaor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Sheri Sills Schneider
Sara Figg Gillilan
Manager Roxie Robinson
Manager Debbie Brown

1977-78 Women’s Team

Coach Joyce Campbell
Assistant Coach Steve Hunter
Mary Smiley Wohlford
Linda Connor Seidt
Robin Fitzsimmons Trammell
Janet Jackson
Debbie Stith Head
Kristie Richards Musick
Donna Farris David
Brenda Rucker
Neal Head, trainer
Cara Sue Bowden Cockerham, manager