MACC at the Woods

MACC at the Woods Information

Moberly Area Community College and William Woods University are partners in the MACC at the Woods program.

Each semester, students can enroll at both MACC and WWU, combining the four-year university experience with a two-year school’s affordability and academic flexibility. MACC at the Woods is a collaborative program with academic advisors, faculty, and staff at MACC and WWU who will work together to promote student success.

Students who want to be degree-seeking at MACC and take classes at another institution can still do so through our MACC+ program. MACC+ is a consortium agreement program where students are degree-seeking at MACC and also enroll in classes at a host institution.

Student Affairs
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William Woods
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New or current students interested in the MACC at the Woods Program must be seeking an Associate’s Degree with MACC.

In addition, students must have a 2.5 High School GPA or a transfer GPA of 2.0 with 12 or more transfer credit hours in order to meet the admission requirements at WWU.

Students must maintain good academic and conduct standing at both institutions to remain in the program.


Apply to the MACC at the Woods Program.

Apply to MACC as an Associate’s Degree-seeking student.

Enroll full-time in the MACC at the Woods Program, with 9 to 12 credit hours of identified coursework taken at MACC and 3-6 credit hours of identified coursework taken in-seat at the WWU Campus in Fulton, MO.

Students may choose to be a residential (living on campus) student or a commuter student at WWU.

Students receive bills from both MACC and WWU. Students must make payments at both institutions, and the accounts are managed separately. Students will be charged $125 per credit hour for the courses at WWU. Both schools charge tuition and fees based on a per-credit-hour basis, so overall costs may vary. 

All students will be responsible for all costs to WWU associated with enrollment and on campus housing. WWU is offering a LEAD scholarship in the amount of $1250 per semester towards room costs if the student completes the LEAD Program requirements.

WWU Room Rate: $5250 per year

WWU Board Rate: $4940 per year

Additional fees at WWU are also required. 

Financial aid is disbursed by MACC’s Financial Aid Office. A+ funding is available during the fall and spring semesters to eligible students enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester between both institutions. Students must enroll in a minimum of 6 hours at MACC to use A+ funding during the summer. A+ funding cannot be applied to WWU tuition and fees. MACC also has a number of scholarships for which MACC at the Woods Students may apply if they meet eligibility guidelines.

To be eligible to live on campus for any semester, MACC at the Woods Students must be enrolled in 3-6 credit hours taken in-seat at the WWU Campus in Fulton, MO during that semester.

Students requesting to live on campus will be required to complete and abide by the WWU Housing Agreement and Student Handbook. Additional on-campus housing fees will apply, in addition to room and board (i.e., health services, technology and activities fees).

Students must submit official MACC transcripts to WWU each semester to verify they remain in good academic standing and to assist with advising. In addition, WWU will submit transcripts to MACC at the end of each semester.

Academic advising for courses taken at WWU will be provided by an advisor from the WWU Academic Advising Team. Subsequently, advising for MACC at the Woods Students will be provided by MACC Advisors in cooperation with the WWU Academic Advising Team.

Students in the MACC at the Woods Program are encouraged to participate in student life activities at both MACC and WWU.

All students attending classes in person on the WWU Campus in Fulton are required to show proof of immunizations. Additionally, any student receiving COVID-19 vaccine(s) are asked to show proof of vaccination.