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The Director of Career & Academic Planning is here to help you reach the next step in your professional development. There are a wide range of services that will ultimately help you find success beyond Moberly Area Community College. Check out all that we offer and come see us today in the Career Center located on Moberly campus!

MACC would love to help you connect future and current student experiences with career opportunities. The Director of Career and Academic Planning works side by side with faculty members, academic advisors, student affairs staff, workforce development staff and others throughout the campus community to promote career readiness. The career readiness of students and strong recruiting interest from industry is part of the reason why a high percentage of our CTE graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate education within six months of graduation. The annual post-graduation reports by the CTE Data & Student Success Department provide evidence that the MACC family is preparing students to be valuable employees.

Business (Business Administration Accounting, Management or MarketingBusiness Office Administration and Information Technology)

  • ICAN
  • MBS Textbook Exchange
  • Fastenal
  • Columbia College
  • Comcast
  • IBM
  • Veterans United Home Loans
  • Shelter Insurance


Early Childhood Education

  • Central Missouri Community Action
  • YMCA Child Development Center
  • Trinity Lutheran Child Learning Center


Manufacturing (Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and Mechatronics)

  • Gates Rubber Company
  • Hubbell
  • Wiese USA
  • Quaker
  • ESSIG Research
  • Vulcan Drying Systems


Nursing (Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nurse)

  • MU Health Care
  • Americare
  • Boone Hospital Center Corizon Health
  • Fulton State Hospital
  • Hannibal Regional Hospital
  • Mercy Hospital
  • Missouri Veteran’s Home
  • Samaritan Hospital
  • SSM Hospital
  • Truman VA Hospital
  • Midwest Transplant Network
  • Phoenix Home Care
  • COMO Cubs Pediatrics


Medical Laboratory Technician

  • Capital Regional Medical Center
  • MU Health Care
  • SSM Audrain


Occupational Therapy Assistant

  • Fulton State Hospital
  • Columbia Manor
  • Heritage Hall
  • Innovate Rehab & Wellness
  • Oak Tree Villas
  • TMC Physical Performance Systems

There are thousands of job-related web sites on the Internet, but research has shown that only a very small percentage of job seekers actually land a job using this method to apply for jobs. The primary reason for this is that an estimated 70 – 80% of all job openings are never advertised. Other reasons include that many of the job orders posted on the Internet are out-of-date and there is a great deal of competition for publicly advertised jobs. The Internet, however, provides a wealth of information about labor market trends, job descriptions, wage and salary information, career ladder, and advice on interviewing, crafting resumes, and other job seeking skills.



Missouri Career Centers – Division of Workforce Development
Columbia: 573-884-9024
Kirksville: 660-785-2400
Hannibal: 573-248-2526


Missouri Division of Job Workforce Development & Training: 800-877-8698

Missouri Economic Research & Information Center (MERIC): 800-347-1471

National Association of College and Employers (NACE)

Missouri Department of Labor & Industrial Relations: 573-751-3633 


Career Assessment

Career Perfect

Missouri Connections


Career Information/Exploration

America’s Career InfoNet


Career One Stop

Manpower Talent Shortage Survey

Mapping Your Future

My Career Voyage

My Next Move

O*Net Resource Center

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Road Trip Nation

Vault Career Intelligence


What Can I do with a major in…

College Board

My plan

University of North Carolina


Job Postings

Health Sciences:









Job Seeking Skills

Career Igniter

Career Lab

Job search skills are important. To organize your job search you must be able to develop a resume, complete applications, interview successfully, develop a portfolio, research employers, network, and explore the Internet. MACC offers a one-credit course, SKL250, Employment Seminar, for students who would like to refine their job-seeking skills and learn the best and least time-consuming methods of successful job seeking.

Steps to Getting The Job You Want:

1. Know your skills
2. Develop a clear employment objective
3. Know how and where to look for job openings
4. Learn the secrets of successful networking
5. Gain work-related experience and knowledge through informational interviews, job-shadowing, internships, co-ops, volunteering, and/or part-time employment in your chosen field

Tips for Dressing for Success Tips for Dressing for Success 

Interview Outfits for Women: What to Wear to an Interview

How to Find Your Ideal Internship:

Interviewing Skills

Even a highly qualified candidate can be passed over for a job if that person lacks interviewing skills. The following links offer suggestions on how to conduct a successful interview that can get you hired!

Best Job Interview

Job Interview

Interview Success

Off Campus Career Counseling Schedule

FREE services include vocational assessment, academic support, and applications for grants and scholarships through the New Traditions program.

Individualized career counseling, by appointment

Columbia campus: Career counseling by appointment
Kirksville campus: Career counseling by appointment
Hannibal campus: Career counseling by appointment
Mexico ATC: Career counseling by appointment

For questions please contact:

Sarah Hardison, Director of CTE Outreach
Career Center, MACC-Moberly Campus, Room C02
(660) 263-4100 Ext 11329

Keys to a Successful Resume

There are many important aspects to a resume. Everyone has a different way of putting one together and, in most cases, there is no “right” or “wrong” way. However, there are some common characteristics that appear to be most successful in getting people job interviews and jobs.
The strongest, most important, and most effective difference in a resume that works is how you describe your skills, abilities, and responsibilities from previous employment.

Resume DOs and DON’Ts

Do . . .

  1. Emphasize your assets – not your liabilities. Show your skills meet the employer’s needs
  2. Be truthful – don’t misrepresent yourself
  3. Keep it brief – one to two pages
  4. Use action verbs to begin statements. They create confidence in your ability to get things done and to solve problems. However, it is important to keep the “tense” consistent from one statement to the next
  5. Read and re-read the resume before mailing or handing it out. Be sure there are no typographical errors or mistakes
  6. Keep it concise. Use bullet statements rather than complete sentences
  7. Reinforce the points that you are trying to make by being specific. Give figures to help demonstrate what you did, how much money was involved, how many people you supervised, size of the increase, etc
  8. Use reverse chronological order when listing your work history and education
  9. Have it critiqued by several people. A friend, a co-worker, or a reference can offer a critical review and make suggestions in areas you may have overlooked. You need constructive criticism and not just a “pat on the back”
  10. Always accompany the resume with a complete reference page and cover letter

Don’t . . .

  1. Don’t begin with a vague employment objective. It is better to eliminate the objective than to write a poor one
  2. Don’t begin statements with “I”. Begin statements with action verbs instead
  3. Don’t list irrelevant information such as height, weight, marital status, etc
  4. Don’t include a picture
  5. Don’t abbreviate — with very few exceptions. This includes acronyms. Letters that stand for a business or organization are generally not appropriate — don’t assume that everyone knows what you’re talking about
  6. Don’t overuse italics, underlining, etc
  7. Don’t send out a resume that is disorganized or crammed onto a page in a sea of words
  8. Don’t send it if it is poorly typed or reproduced
  9. Don’t use poor descriptions of experiences or try too hard. Don’t try to get cute–employers are looking for a business-like presentation. Be professional
  10. Don’t send out a resume with incomplete references or no references at all!

Several job search engines have resume-building pages on their websites that will give you step-by-step guidelines to writing a resume. Some popular sites to check out include:

While these devices are free, they also offer resume-writing services you can order for a fee. It is always best to learn on your own, however, because knowing how to write a resume properly is a valuable tool you will have for a lifetime – and your resume should always be considered a work in progress.

Here are a few websites that offer tips on writing winning resumes and resume samples:

Here are some resources for free resume templates:

winwayMACC offers WinWay Resume Deluxe resume generating software in computer labs at each MACC campus. At the main campus in Moberly this software is loaded on all the computers in Room C-21 in the Career Center and in the LARC and AEL classroom. At other sites, please ask a staff person which computers have that software.

 College Central Network also offers free resume templates.

You can also visit MACC’s Career and Placement Services (CAPS) lab in the Career Center Room C21 on the Moberly campus or resources at our off campus sites. There are many books and other printed and electronic resources designed to assist job seekers with tips on resumes, interviews and job seeking skills. Resume samples are available in many specialized fields as well as samples and instructions on writing other types of correspondence used in the job search, e.g. cover letters, thank you notes. We also have WinWay® resume generating software in the CAPS computer lab and other computer labs on the main campus and at off campus sites. There are also resume seminars and workshops offered occasionally. MACC also offers a one credit course, Employment Seminar (SKL250), that focuses on all aspects of a successful job search.

Please contact the Director of CTE Outreach for individualized assistance at (660) 263-4110 ext 11329. Email:

CAPS exists to help MACC students and alumni to find their ideal jobs!

CareerCloset 1165

Do you have an upcoming job interview or special event and need professional attire? The MACC Career Closet is a free service offered to all MACC students and residents of any MACC location. The clothing was donated by community businesses and individuals in the MACC service region. Students who do not attend the Moberly campus can request an appointment and clothing in their size range will be delivered to their MACC location for fitting. Just fill out Personal Stylist form to get started.

If you have professional attire you would like to donate, please contact Sonda Stuart @ 660.263.4100 x11329 or


Personal Stylist Form

Do’s for Applications

• read the application first
• use a black pen (consider using erasable ink)
• print neatly and completely
• have a phone number
• have permission from three references
• use “Open” for salary desired
• know position wanted
• list ALL skills and abilities
• sign your name
• SELL yourself


Tips for Properly Filling Out Your Job Application

1. Print, don’t write. Printing is much easier for the manager to read. Use your best penmanship.

2. Use a pen, not a pencil. Pencil is too easy to smear, smudge or erase.

3. Be neat. A neat and clean looking application says that you take pride in your work.

4. Answer every question. If a question does not apply to you, write “N/A” (not applicable) in the space so the manager will know that you didn’t forget to answer that question.

5. Do not give an expected salary. You might price yourself out of the job if it is too high, or look desperate if it is too low. Instead, write “Open”.

6. Be honest. Any misrepresentation or omission is sufficient grounds for immediate dismissal.

7. Be accurate. Make sure all telephone numbers, dates, addresses, and names are correct and properly spelled. An inaccurate application suggests that you are an inaccurate worker.

8. Make sure your reason for leaving each of your previous jobs is a good one. Managers hate quitters.

9. Make sure you have permission to use a person’s name before you give him or her as a reference.

10. Don’t forget to sign and date the application after you read the final agreement.

New Traditions is a statewide network of resource centers and resource personnel. The goal of New Traditions is to help members of special populations enroll, enter, and complete career and technical programs. New Traditions is designed to assist people who are facing economic changes and need skills training. Its major purpose is to assist in planning careers that offer more job security, higher pay and employment success.

Who is eligible for New Traditions?

NONTRADITIONALS are individuals who are seeking employment in an occupation traditionally dominated by the opposite gender.

SINGLE PARENTS are individuals who are unmarried or legally separated from their spouse and are pregnant or have a minor child(ren) for which the parent has either sole or joint custody.

DISPLACED HOMEMAKERS are individuals who are divorced, widowed, separated, or have a disabled spouse, and must prepare for paid employment.


GIRLS AND WOMEN 14-25 are female students seeking vocational skills to enable them to support themselves and their families.

INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES and individuals with other barriers to educational achievement, including limited English proficiency.

Assistance and Available Services

Help in identifying your interest and skills

Support services for finding solutions to your special concerns

Paid tuition for vocational training for qualified applicants

Career Counseling

Vocational Testing

Adult Basic Education

Financial Aid Information

Educational or Training Referrals

Job Placement and Follow-up

Nontraditional Workshops

Professional Development for Educators

For more information, please contact:
Sarah Hardison
New Traditions
Moberly Area Community College
101 College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270
(660) 263-4100 extension 11329

FREE services include vocational assessment, academic support, and applications for grants and scholarships through the New Traditions program.

Individualized career counseling, by appointment

Columbia campus: Career counseling by appointment
Kirksville campus: Career counseling by appointment
Hannibal campus: Career counseling by appointment
Mexico Campus: Career counseling by appointment

For questions please contact:

Sarah Hardison, Director of CTE Outreach
Career Center, MACC-Moberly Campus, Room C02
(660) 263-4110 Ext 11329