Machine Tool

Course Descriptions

MSP 101 Machine Tool I 2-2-3
This is an introductory course in the study of various metalworking machines with emphasis on the lathe and lathe operations. The course also includes an introduction to the milling machine and surface grinder. (FA)

MSP 102 Machine Tool II  2-2-3
MSP 102 is a further study of metalworking machines and their operation with emphasis on the surface grinder and milling machine. The student will have an opportunity to create, select, plan, and construct projects and instructional material. Prerequisite: A grade of “C” or higher in MSP 101 or instructor approval. (SP)

MSP 220 CNC Programming 2-2-3
This course will teach the student to write G & M code CNC programs for CNC lathes and CNC mills. The course will cover the most common G & M codes for Fanuc/Haas type machines, including linear and circulator interpolation, drilling, hold making, roughing and finishing, and threading canned cycles. The student will also write and troubleshoot programs for a CNC mill and CNC lathe using a programing editing software and on a CNC control.

MSP 222 CNC Operations 2-2-3
This course will enable the beginning CNC student to apply fundamental principles and applications of setup and operation to a CNC lathe, CNA mill, and Omax waterjet. The course will cover the reading and editing of CNC programs, setup, and maintenance of tool holders, tooling and work holding, and adjustments of work and tool offsets. Students will also perform common inspection processes and produce a production run of parts to the given print tolerance. Prerequisites: MSP101 or instructor approval. (SP)