International Students

International Students

Welcome to MACC!

We are excited about your interest in our college. Please read the instructions below for more information on how to apply for admission.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-622-2070 or email and we will be happy to explain the process.

Instructions for International Applicants

Complete an online application then please email the following documents to .

Documents are due prior to the release of I-20 form.

1. Official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended.

2. Bank statement showing at least $18,000 which will cover one full year of study and living expenses while attending MACC.  A current letter of sponsorship from a government may be used in place of the bank statement.

3. Proof of proficiency in English with ONE of the following:

  1. Minimum score of 500 PBT (CBT173/IBT 61) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (T.O.E.F.L.).

  2. Minimum overall band score of 5.5 on the International English Language Testing System test (IELTS). 

  3. Completion of an English program at an approved Intensive English Institution. (Subject to approval by the Office of Admissions).

  4. Applicants who hold a diploma from a secondary/higher education institution in official English speaking countries with a minimum of two years successful full-time study with English as the medium of instruction.

  5. Current MACC placement exam scores for English and reading which qualify the student to enroll in LAL101-Composition I.

  6. Completion of a college level English course with a grade of C or higher which qualifies as part of an MACC degree program.

5. All tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time the student is permitted to register for classes unless guaranteed by the country’s scholarship program. Exceptions require the approval of the President.

6. Out-of-the-Country International Students who request admission to Moberly Area Community College must provide a $1,200.00 deposit (money order/cashier’s check/online payment) prior to the I-20 being approved and sent to the student. This deposit will be used as payment toward tuition and fees. Upon the student’s arrival to the college the balance of tuition and fees will be paid in full.

7. Transfer students must have a letter of good standing from the most recent college/university attended.

8. Must enroll at Moberly Area Community College as a full-time student. An exception will be made for students enrolled concurrently at another college/university on a full-time basis.

• An international student is defined as any student in the United States on a VISA (i.e. F-1, J-1, Tourist, etc.). An individual who has a permanent resident status (card) follows the admissions procedure outlined for a U.S. citizen.

• Any prospective student who was born outside of the US will need to provide documentation of current status before enrollment.

• All international students (F-1 Visa) are required to carry health and accident insurance that is administered through Moberly Area Community College. The full cost of the insurance must be paid at the time the student enrolls for classes. Participation in MACC health and accident insurance may be waived if the international student provides evidence of a full scholarship from the government of their home country and the scholarship includes health and accident insurance.

• Admission to Moberly Area Community College does not guarantee acceptance into selected admission programs. A separate application process is required in all Allied Health programs and the Law Enforcement Training Center.

Payments can be made at the business office by credit card, check, money order or online through Flywire

Financial Aid is not available for International Students.


Dorms are available on the MACC – Moberly campus. 

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Coach John Cochran
Ball Boy – Troy Halterman
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1980-1981 Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran 
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