Course Descriptions/Common Syllabi

This section contains descriptions of courses offered at Moberly Area Community College. Not all of the courses listed in this section are offered every semester. Information on where and when these courses are available may be found in each semester’s course schedule available on the Course Offerings page. Contact advising for more information.

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BUS 100 Introduction to Business  3-0-3
This is a survey course designed to provide students with general knowledge of the business world. Topics include economics, management, marketing, accounting, computer information systems, human resource management, finance, and risk management.

BUS 108 Word Processing Concepts Using Microsoft Word  3-0-3
BOA 108 prior to Summer 2024
This course is designed to teach word processing skills needed in the professional environment and to obtain the Microsoft Word Certification. Students will learn to format business letters, reports, newsletters, information sheets, forms, table of contents, indexes, tables, and graphics. Other topics to be covered will include styles and themes, using mail merge, collaboration techniques, customizing Microsoft Word, and creating macros. Successful completion of BUS108 prepares students to take the Microsoft Word Certification Exam. (FA)

BUS 112 Principles of Management  3-0-3
This course is designed to be an overview of the major functions of management with an emphasis on planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The purpose of this course is to expose the student to the basic concepts of management in order to aid the student in understanding how an organization functions, and in understanding the complexity and wide variety of issues managers face in today’s organizations. The course uses a case study approach to selecting, combining, and applying techniques of management to realistic business problems.

BUS 113 Human Resource Management  3-0-3
This course explores the concepts related to the selection of employees, employee training and development, assessment and improvement of employee performance, job design, compensation systems, and employee relations. (FA)

BUS 120 Business Law  3-0-3
BUS 120 is a study of those features of law that pertain to the conduct of business in today’s global economy. The course concentrates on the U.S. legal system; constitutional, criminal and tort law; contracts; and the different business organization models within the U.S.

BUS 125 Customer Service  3-0-3
BOA 120 prior to Summer 2024
This course provides a hands-on approach to teaching the critical skills necessary for providing customer service in today’s professional environment. Data entry skills, telephone skills, and face-to-face customer service skills will be covered.  (SP)

BUS 140 Personal Information Management Using Microsoft Outlook  .5-1-1
BOA 140 prior to Summer 2024
This course provides a study of Microsoft Outlook software as an e-mail client and a personal information manager for calendars, contacts, meetings, and tasks. This course also prepares students to take the Microsoft Certification Exam for Outlook.  (SP)

BUS 150 Business Communication  3-0-3
This course is designed to give students a comprehensive view of communication, its scope and importance in business, and its role in today’s workplace. Topics to be covered include organizational and workplace communication, ethical communication strategies, listening and nonverbal skills, intercultural communication, uses of digital media in the communication process and successfully developing positive, negative and persuasive writing techniques. Written, oral and interpersonal skills for communication in the business world will be emphasized as well as delivering an effective oral presentation. Prerequisite: Eligible placement score.

BUS 151 Records Management  3-0-3
BOA 151 prior to Summer 2024
This course emphasizes records management functions and various types of storage methods, technology, security, and procedures. Both manual and electronic records information management systems are included. An introduction to database skills needed in the professional environment will also be included. (SP)

BUS 152 Business Math  3-0-3
BOA 152 prior to Summer 2024
Business math applications and calculator skills are studied and practiced as they relate to accounting, finance, management, economics, and retailing. Students are introduced to solving problems using a computerized spreadsheet. Prerequisite: Eligible placement score or grade of “C” or higher in MTH010

BUS 165 Presentation Skills Using Microsoft PowerPoint  3-0-3
BOA 165 prior to Summer 2024
Students will learn basic and advanced presentation software skills needed in the professional environment and to obtain Microsoft PowerPoint Certification. Topics to be covered include creating simple to complex slides, applying office themes, transitions and custom animation effects, inserting sound, music and video files, and creating a self-running slideshow. Students will also develop a professional business presentation to be delivered to the class. Successful completion of BUS 165 prepares students to take the Microsoft PowerPoint Certification Exam. (FA)

BUS 260 Management Capstone  3-0-3 
This capstone course is a multi-disciplinary course that is required of all associate of applied science degree candidates emphasizing in Business Administration degree candidates. The purpose of the course is to create an opportunity for students to choose among a variety of business disciplines and tailor a program of study designed specifically for their personal career goals. The disciplines available include: accounting, advertising, customer service, sales, banking & finance, management & leadership, or retail management. The capstone course may include an academic or career portfolio, research papers, projects or presentations, publications, and journals. Adequate time must be invested in the planning stages for the course. Students should approach the capstone course thoughtfully. It is strongly recommended that students plan a full semester ahead of the scheduled start date, to allow for full development and faculty input in the planning stages. Prerequisites: BUS 100, BUS 120, BUS 150, and MKT 105.

BUS 261 Spreadsheet Applications Using Microsoft Excel  3-0-3
BOA 261 prior to Summer 2024
This course is designed to teach spreadsheet skills needed in the professional environment and to obtain Microsoft Excel Certification. Students will edit and format data, construct simple to complex formulas and functions, interpret charts and utilize database features such as filters, subtotals and sorting. Other topics to be covered will include manipulation of Pivot Tables, linking and embedding worksheets, summarizing data, developing validation rules, and writing macros. Successful completion of BUS 261 prepares students to take the Microsoft Excel Certification Exam. (FA)

BUS 265  Business Information Systems  3-0-3
BOA 265 prior to Summer 2024
This course is designed to teach software skills to enhance productivity, communication, and collaboration in the office environment. Topics include things such as form development, virtual meeting software, and project management. (SP)

BUS 292 Office Technology Capstone  3-0-3
BOA 292 Business Office Administration Capstone prior to Summer 2024
The purpose of this capstone course is to train the student in general office procedures, encourage professional behavior, and develop decision-making abilities. Students will complete integration projects using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access, prepare for employment, and create and present a professional portfolio as a final project. A desktop publishing unit is also embedded to integrate the use of word processing and graphics to design and produce professional looking publications. Prerequisites: BUS108, BUS 165, BUS 261. Pre- or corequisites: BUS 265. (SP)

BUS 295 Business Administration Internship  0-(6-18)-(2-6)
This course is designed to provide students real-life work experiences through on-the-job training with a field-related cooperating employer in the student’s declared major. Students will be supervised by the business/ industry sponsor and report to the Coordinator of Career and Technical Education or assigned faculty member. The position may be paid or unpaid. Students must complete a minimum of 45 contact hours per credit hour per semester. Course is variable credits and may be repeated for up to six credit hours. Prerequisites: Minimum of 30 credit hours, with at least 18 credits of core classes in the program area, 2.50 GPA, and/ or approval from the Dean of Workforce Development and Technical Education or designee.

BUS 299 Special Studies in Business Administration  (1-6)-0-(1-6)
This course will consist of specialized study in areas of the department, which are not covered in-depth in courses already offered. Students may take no more than six credit hours of special studies in any one discipline. (IN)

1981-82 National Championship Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran
Ball Boy – Troy Halterman
Eleanor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Brenna Kelly
Carmela McMullen
Tammy Harryman
Janet Thompson
Kim Cooley
Lisa Brown
Georgia Hinson
Kathy Schulz
Denise Derrieux
Margrett Bassett
Jackie Glosson
Marion Fitzsimmons
Manager – Debbie Brown
Manager – John Peveler

1980-1981 Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran 
Sandy Moore
Pat Seger Zeitlow
Lisa Linathcum Holt
Patty Rapp Thorne
Renne Skaggs Brown
Vickie Crigler
Elenaor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Sheri Sills Schneider
Sara Figg Gillilan
Manager Roxie Robinson
Manager Debbie Brown

1977-78 Women’s Team

Coach Joyce Campbell
Assistant Coach Steve Hunter
Mary Smiley Wohlford
Linda Connor Seidt
Robin Fitzsimmons Trammell
Janet Jackson
Debbie Stith Head
Kristie Richards Musick
Donna Farris David
Brenda Rucker
Neal Head, trainer
Cara Sue Bowden Cockerham, manager