Testing at MACC

Although MACC is an open admission college, certain classes and programs require testing for various reasons.

The Next Generation Accuplacer is one of the exams used by Moberly Area Community College for placement into English and math courses.

Next Generation Accuplacer is an untimed, computerized test, MACC focuses on three areas of study: writing, reading comprehension, and mathematics. The Next Generation Accuplacer test is given at all MACC campus locations. (Dates and times vary, call the individual site for more information.) Remote testing is $25.

Please click on the following link to find out specific details for each exam given: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/educator/next-generation

Bring $15.00 for the Next Generation Accuplacer test fee. You will be asked to show photo identification at the time of the test. You are allowed to retake the Next Generation Accuplacer after waiting at least 24 hours. Space for the test fills up quickly.

Next Generation and Classic Accuplacer scores will not be accepted from any other institution.

Can’t make it to an MACC campus to take the Accuplacer? We offer remote testing. Remote testing allows a student to take MACC’s Acculacer at an approved testing site near them. Call today to set up your remote Accuplacer. The cost for taking the remote exam at MACC is $25.00.

Please contact MACC with questions and to set up your remote test TODAY!

Schedule a Test 

Accuplacer Test Prep


Moberly Campus Dates

Contact the Moberly office at 660-263-4100 ext. 21001 if you have questions.

Report to Student Affairs prior to test start time.

October 16, 202311:00 am
November 16, 20231:00 pm
December 7, 20231:00 pm


Columbia Campus Dates

Contact the Columbia office at 573-234-1067 if you have questions.
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to start time.

October 13, 20239:00am
October 21, 20239:30am
November 11, 20239:00am
November 17, 20239:00am
December 8, 20239:00am
December 16, 20239:30am


Kirksville Campus Dates

Contact the Kirksville Office at 660-665-0345 if you have questions.

Every Friday (unless campus is closed)9:00 am and 1:00 pm


Mexico Campus Dates

Contact the Mexico Office at 573-582-0817 if you have questions.

August 24, 20231:30 pm
September 7, 202310:30 am
September 20, 20231:30 pm
October 11, 202310:30 am
October 24, 20231:30 pm
November 9, 202310:30 am
November 28, 20231:30 pm
December 6, 202310:30am


Hannibal Campus Dates

Contact the Hannibal Office at 573-231-0941 if you have questions.

July 18th10:00am


Remote Testing from Home

To schedule a remote test from home, please email kimberlyerwin@macc.edu.


The ATI TEAS was developed to measure basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. These entry-level skills were deemed important by nursing program curriculum experts.

The ATI TEAS is a timed, 170-item, four option, multiple-choice assessment. This is a computer-based test. Please do not bring a calculator to the ATI TEAS Exam. A calculator will be provided. If you take the online version of the ATI TEAS Exam, a drop-down calculator is built into the exam. The test takes approximately four hours. Scores are available immediately after testing is complete.

This test is required in the application process for the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Virtual Accelerated ADN (AADN), Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), Practical Nursing (PN), and Surgical Technology programs. For additional admission information, please see the Health Science Programs information page.

There is a $75.00 fee to take the ATI TEAS exam.

Schedule a Test 


Columbia Campus Test Dates

Contact the Columbia Office at 573-234-1067 if you have questions.

August 31, 20239:00am
September 8, 20239:00am
September 22, 20239:00am
September 28, 20239:00am


Hannibal Campus Test Dates

September 21st, 20239:00 am
October 12th, 20239:00 am
November 9th, 20239:00 am
December 14th, 20239:00 am


Mexico Campus Test Dates

Contact the Mexico Office at 573-582-0817 if you have questions.

Report to Student Affairs prior to test start time.

September 22, 20238:30 am
October 27, 20238:30 am
November 10, 20238:30 am
December 15, 20238:30 am


Moberly Campus Test Dates

Contact the Moberly office at 660-263-4100 extension 21001 if you have questions.

Report to Student Affairs prior to test start time.

September 11, 202311:00 am
September 22, 20239:00 am & 1:00 pm


Kirksville Campus Test Dates

August 25, 20239:00 am113
September 15, 20239:00 am113
October 13, 20239:00 am113
November 10, 20239:00 am113
December 15, 20239:00 am113

The following listed study materials are available for purchase at ATI Testing.

  • ATI TEAS Pre-Test Study Manual
  • ATI TEAS Online Practice Assessments

CLEP exams allow people who have acquired knowledge outside the usual educational settings to show that they have learned college-level material so that they can bypass certain college courses. The CLEP exams cover material that is taught in introductory-level courses at many college and universities.

Up to 30 hours of credit may be accepted from CLEP examinations for test scores meeting a satisfactory level on the general examination or selected subject area examinations.

CLEP exams are given on an individual basis in Student Affairs. The total cost of the CLEP exam is $104 ($89.00 for exam and $15 MACC proctoring fee). Students must purchase exam prior to registering with Student Affairs.

NOTE: CLEP exams are only offered at the Moberly campus.

Purchase CLEP Exam

Bring your confirmation email on the day of the exam.

For more information or to set up an appointment for an exam, please contact Kim Erwin, 1-800-622-2070, ext. 11278.

CLEP Equivalency Guidelines

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted the HiSET high school equivalency test, as developed by Educational Testing Service (PSI), effective January, 2014.

  • The price for the first subtest is $27.75 ($10.75 PSI fee, $10 annual state fee, and $7 test center administration fee).
  • You will receive two retests per subtest purchased.
  • If you need to retake a subtest you must pay the $7 test center fee.
  • The $10 state fee is an annual fee and only collected once every 12 months.

Examinees do not have to complete the entire exam at one time, you can take the exam in sections.

Examinees who do not pass each section the first time can retake the section(s) two more times within the 12 month period.

*When scheduling your exam, the 2-hour time slot is reserved for writing. If you are taking all subtests in one day you will need to schedule your writing exam from 11:30 am-1:30 pm.

HiSET Exam at Home:


Test Taker Bulletin


Moberly Campus Test Dates:

Report to MAIN building – Room 254 prior to test start time.
August 31, 2023 @ 8am

*For exam day instructions please contact Kimberly Erwin at (660) 263-4100 x11278.


Hannibal Site Test Dates

August 31, 2023 8:30am
September 26th, 2023 8:30am
October 17th, 2023 8:30am
November 28th, 2023 8:30am

*For exam day instructions please contact Jessica Heintz at (660) 263-4100 x14017.


Mexico Site Test Dates

September 15, 2023 8:00am
October 13, 2023 8:00am

*For exam day instructions please contact Nicole King at (660) 263-4100 x13600.


Columbia Campus Test Dates:

September 25th, 8:30am
September 27th, 8:30am
October 11th, 8:30am
October 13th, 8:30am
November 8th, 8:30am
November 10th, 8:30am

*For exam day instructions please contact Kimberly Erwin at (660) 263-4100 x11278.


Go to PSI HiSET to schedule your High School Equivalency (HSE) at MACC!

HiSET Test Taker Information

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If there is any question as to whether the test center will be closed due to inclement weather or natural disaster the test taker should take the following steps:

  • Check local television, radio stations, college website, Facebook, Twitter or call the testing center directly
  • If the testing center is closed you MUST call HiSET customer service, 1-855-694-4738, to reschedule
  • If no one answers the phone at the testing center you MUST call HiSET customer service, 1-855-694-4738, to reschedule

If the HiSET has not been cancelled but weather conditions are too hazardous to drive, call the testing center PRIOR to your testing time and let them know you will not be coming in to test. If you can’t get a hold of anyone at the testing center then call HiSET, 1-855-694-4738, PRIOR to your testing time to reschedule.

The M.E.C.A. allows a student the opportunity to challenge and appeal his/her/their current mathematics course placement, which is based on ACT, SAT, and/or Accuplacer scores. The M.E.C.A. is a competency-based assessment which may be completed one-time-only for each course to place out of MTH010, MTH042, MTH060, or MTH095. The assessment is completed in a proctored environment with a two-hour time limit; upon completion, the assessment is scored by mathematics faculty using a skill-based rubric. There is no fee to take the M.E.C.A., and it is currently offered in two formats. Students may go to an MACC location to take a paper-and-pencil version of the M.E.C.A., or students may take the M.E.C.A. virtually using a software program which requires a desktop or laptop computer (no Chromebooks) equipped with a webcam and microphone to proctor the assessment. Students scoring proficient on the M.E.C.A. will be allowed to place out of a mathematics course and, therefore, into the subsequent mathematics course in the general education course sequence. Please see an advisor at any MACC location for details and proctor schedules related to the M.E.C.A.

Candidates Seeking Entry into an Educator Preparation Program, including MACC’s Associate of Arts degree in Teaching.

Testing Dates:

Room 254 in the Graphic Arts wing of the MACC – Moberly Main Building.
July 25, 2023 10:00am – 5:00pm 

Examinees must pass the Reading Comprehension and Interpretation, Mathematics, and Writing subtests. Passing the MoGEA Science and Social Studies subtest is no longer a testing requirement for admission into a Missouri educator preparation program. Read more about the MoGEA testing requirements update.

  • Reading Comprehension and Interpretation: 75 minutes
  • Mathematics: 75 minutes
  • Writing: 60 minutes
  • There will be a 15-minute break between subtest 2 and 3

The MoGEA is MACC’s AAT exit examination.


Internet-based test (IBT); multiple-choice questions and written assignment

  • Reading Comprehension and Interpretation:38 multiple-choice items.
  • Mathematics: 40 multiple-choice questions
  • Writing: 1 written assignment
Time3 1/2 hours for all three subtests;
Test DatesBy appointment, year round, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Available test appointments are shown during the registration process.
Test Sites

Available at test centers across Missouri. View test center locations.

*Please note that this test is offered at the Moberly site ONLY.*

Passing Score

Missouri General Education Assessment
Institution Qualifying Score

Moberly Area Community College

MoGEA SubtestsScore
Reading Comprehension183

Students are reminded that each college and university in Missouri currently set their own entrance requirements including GPA and MoGEA scores. It is the student’s responsibility to know, understand, and meet the requirements set by the institution to which they hope to transfer.

Reference Materials Provided for This Test
Test Fee

$59 for all three subtests, or $25 for a single subtest.
Candidates may only register for the three-subtest option one time.

Review fee and payment information.

Score ReportingView score report dates.
Testing PoliciesWhen you register, you must agree to abide by all testing rules and policies.
Read them now.
PrepareView the preparation materials available for this test.

Tests may include test questions that are being evaluated for future administrations and that do not affect a candidate’s score.

Taking and Passing the MoGEA

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has implemented a testing policy whereby:

  • Candidates have one opportunity to register to take all four subtests in one test session.
  • Candidates may register to take each subtest independently.


Once on this page click “Register Now”

A proctored exam is an exam taken under supervision.  The instructor or the instructor’s designee (a pre-approved professional) who supervises the exam is called a proctor.  The proctor is responsible for verifying the identity of the test taker and maintaining the integrity of the test environment.  

Online Proctoring

Online (remote) proctoring is only available for online courses and exams scheduled in the online portion of hybrid courses.  Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor is used to monitor students during the exam and provide feedback to the instructor to follow-up with a student as needed. Students should be notified within the course in Canvas when Respondus LockDown Browser with Monitor is required.  Directions to install and set up this software on their personal computer should be found in the Modules section of the course.

Virtual Proctoring

Virtual proctoring is only available for virtual courses during regularly scheduled class sessions and for students needing testing accommodations arranged in advance with the instructor and/or MACC’s ADA and Access Office.  Zoom and/or Respondus LockDown Browser may be used to assist the proctor in monitoring students during exams.  The instructor should notify students at the beginning of the course what software, if any, needs to be installed on their personal computer for testing.

On-campus Proctoring

On-campus proctoring is only available for on-campus courses during regularly scheduled class sessions and for students needing testing accommodations arranged in advance with the instructor and/or MACC’s ADA and Access Office.  Respondus LockDown Browser may be required for some courses and should be pre-installed on campus computers students will use to take exams.  The instructor should notify students at the beginning of the course what software, if any, needs to be installed on their personal computer for testing.

What if I am in a Dual Credit Online (DCON) course?

Check with your instructor and high school counselor to see if there is a special accommodation in place for a pre-approved professional proctor at your high school to proctor exams in a live setting.  If not, you’ll need to follow the directions provided by the instructor to install and use Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor on your personal computer.  If you are using a device issued to you by the high school, you may need to work with your high school’s IT department to see if Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor can be installed an used on that device.

What if I am a home-schooled high school student?

Home-schooled students, same as regular college students, are expected to be able to install Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor on their personal computer or use dedicated testing computers on their nearest MACC campus to take proctored exams.

What if I am a student at John Woods Community College (JWCC)?

JWCC students are expected to be able to install Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor on their personal computer.  If this is not possible, then they must work with their MACC instructor and the JWCC Testing Center to see if alternative JWCC campus testing options are allowed and available.

Students may opt for a one-time writing appeal to demonstrate the writing (but not reading) skills necessary for LAL101 or equivalent. An advisor will schedule the student by enrolling them in the Canvas writing appeal course. The appeal is a 90-minute timed writing assignment, with a topic selected from a predefined series of options. If the appeal is granted, the student is deemed to have satisfied the minimum writing requirement for LAL101 or equivalent. Results will be communicated to the student by MACC Student Affairs. There is no charge for the writing appeal. Please see an advisor for additional details.

Preparing for the Writing Appeal

Writing Appeal Process
Tips for Timed Writing
What is Good Writing?
Scoring Rubric

What is WorkKeys?

WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system measuring “real-world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success. Upon completion each student will receive an NCRC Certificate of completion which is a portable credential that demonstrates achievement and a certain level of workplace employability skills in Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents.

Applied Math

The Applied Math assessment measures critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving techniques for situations that actually occur in today’s workplace. While individuals may use calculators and conversion tables to help with the problems on the assessment, math skills are still needed to think them through. More Information

Graphic Literacy

Workplace graphics come in a variety of formats, but all communicate a level of information. From charts to graphs, diagrams to floor plans, identifying what information is being presented and understanding how to use it are critical to success. The Graphic Literacy assessment measures the skill needed to locate, synthesize, and use information from workplace graphics. More information

Workplace Documents

Employees need to be able to understand written text to do a job. The Workplace Documents assessment measures the skills people use when they read and use written text such as memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies, and regulations on the job. More information

Fees for the WorkKeys:

MACC does not currently charge its students for completing the WorkKeys test.


Testing Dates:

To register for the exam in Moberly you will need to register online.
Testing will be in the Main building – Room 254 at the Moberly location.

Schedule a Test 

Testing dates coincide with the Accuplacer exam.

Testing by appointmentcontact Sonda Stuart,
Director Career & Technical Education Data & Student Success
660.263.4100 ext. 11232 or sondastuart@macc.edu.