Life Skills

Course Descriptions

SKL 101 College Orientation (1-0-1)
This first semester course provides an orientation to Moberly Area Community College and assists students in clarifying their educational and career goals. Designed to emphasize strategies that promote student retention and academic success, topics of exploration include acclimation to college, introduction to college resources, and utilization of information technology such as course management software. Other topics include preparation of a personal academic plan, time and stress management, study skills, and career development. This course may be waived as a degree requirement for graduation for students transferring with an Associate or higher degree, 30 credit hours with a 2.0 GPA completed within the last five years, or who have taken a comparable course/experience at another institution.

SKL 250 Employment Seminar (1-0-1)
This course prepares the student to conduct a successful job search by addressing topics such as sources of jobs, job applications, the résumé, correspondence used in the job search, and interviewing skills. Work attitudes and ethics, personal appearance, and career ladder planning also are covered. Prerequisite: Final semester of 32 credit hour certificate program or sophomore status in program.