Access and ADA

What we do

We offer services for MACC students who have disabilities in order to ensure access and equal opportunity for all students to pursue their educational goals. Eligible students may register for services with our office, and we will develop a plan with each student for reasonable and appropriate accommodations related to their individual disabilities.

Who is eligible

Students who have a documented disability are eligible to register for services with our office. Disabilities may involve physical or mobility impairments, vision or hearing impairments, psychological diagnoses, learning disabilities, or other relevant diagnosed conditions.

Types of services

Available services might include, but are not limited to, classroom adaptations, print magnifiers, enlargement of tests and printed materials, extended time on testing, out-of-class testing, peer note-takers, test scribes, test readers, alternative textbook formats, text-to-speech software, interpreter services, transition services, liaison with faculty and staff, and liaison with community agencies such as Vocational Rehabilitation.

How to get registered for services

  1. Contact our office to discuss services and eligibility, and to schedule a confidential appointment.
  2. Provide required documentation of disability. (See guidelines below.)
  3. Meet with us to complete the process of getting registered for services. (Note: for students who are unable to travel to the Moberly or Columbia offices, we will schedule phone appointments.)


Important things to note:

  • Students may apply for services at any time throughout a semester. However, to ensure that accommodations are in place and that assistive aids are available by the beginning of a semester, students should start the process of registering for services 6 weeks prior to the first day of classes.
  • Scheduled appointments are encouraged so we can guarantee availability and provide students with the best possible service.


Documentation of disability

Documentation is needed in order to certify that a disability is present. It is also used to clarify how the disability will impact the student in college courses so that appropriate accommodations can be identified. General guidelines for documentation are listed below; however, documentation requirements may vary depending on the disability. Students can discuss individual documentation requirements in more detail with our staff.

General guidelines for documentation requirements include the following:
  • Statement of diagnosis that identifies the disability and date of original diagnosis
  • Description of current functional limitations related to the educational setting
  • Documentation must be on official letterhead or cite the credentials of the medical, psychiatric, or psychological professional qualified in the particular area of disability
  • If relevant, current medications and possible effects on physical, cognitive or other abilities
  • If relevant, a description of current or past accommodations or assistive aids, along with their effectiveness in reducing functional limitations
Additional notes on documentation
  • Documentation should be relatively recent in order to reflect current condition and limitations.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans from high school can provide helpful information but may not be sufficient documentation. Formal evaluations conducted during high school usually include the diagnostic information listed above and typically do fulfill documentation requirements.
  • All disability documentation remains private and separate from student academic records.

Contact Us!

Where to find us:

Students enrolling at the Columbia or Mexico sites, early college or dual credit students, contact the Columbia office:

Columbia Office:
Parkade Center Room 119 or 117
Phone: (573)234-1067 x12120 or x12121
Stacy Donald, Director of Access & ADA Services

Beth Azdell, Coordinator for Access and ADA Services

Columbia mailing address:
MACC/Access and ADA Services Office
601 Business Loop 70 West, Suite 216
Columbia, MO 65203
Or email:

Students enrolling at the Moberly, Kirksville, and Hannibal sites, contact the Moberly office:

Moberly Office
Main Building, Room 232
Phone: (660) 263-4100 ext. 11240
Maggie Meade, Access Office Specialist

Stacy Donald, Director of Access & ADA Services

Moberly mailing address:
MACC/Access and ADA Services Office
101 S. College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270

Or email:

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