Marketing & Public Relations Department

Moberly Area Community College’s (MACC’s) Marketing and Public Relations Department is responsible for promoting the college, its brand, and its resources to the community at large, in alignment with the college’s strategic plan. MACC’s Department of Marketing and Public Relations promotes and communicates the college’s strategic mission by managing marketing and public relations efforts. Our role is to promote student success, present a consistent look and message for the college, and maintain a positive image for our students and the communities in our service area. 

College Branding

It is the responsibility of the department to develop and implement the College’s overall brand strategy in accordance with the College’s Strategic Plan, including the branding of the College’s Athletics Department. MACC’s official colors, logos, and fonts are all supportive of its identity. These elements encourage audience engagement and provide a familiar visual relationship between the college and its audiences. 

Athletic Department Branding

As part of MACC’s Marketing and Public Relations Department, the department designs and produces marketing materials to increase awareness and interest in the college’s intercollegiate sports teams, coaches, and events.

The Department of Marketing and Public Relations will manage the design and maintenance of the official athletic website,, as well as the official Facebook page, Coaches will have access to a variety of “personal” social media accounts created by MACC’s Marketing Department. Examples include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It is the responsibility of all who have access to these accounts to follow social media best practices as stated in the policy handbook.

All Marketing & Public Relations requests should begin with completing a Marketing/PR Ticket:

Our Services:

Moberly Area Community College’s Marketing and Public Relations team creates and executes strategies that are clear, consistent, and engaging. By maintaining a positive brand image, we promote awareness, understanding, and support among MACC students, faculty, alumni, donors, and other members of the community. Besides promoting enrollment in the college in general and awareness in our communities, we provide professional marketing and creative services to help individual departments and programs promote their classes and events. 

Every creative, marketing, and website project goes through a workflow involving Studio 255, College Communications, and you, the client. To facilitate a successful project, an overview of the process for creative projects, as well as timelines for projects completed at various output options, follows. 

Services Include:

 – Creative services room located on the MACC-Moberly campus in Room 249.
Marketing and Advertising
Graphic Design
Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube
Public Relations – Press Releases, Media Events, Community Engagement
Website – Page Updates, Maintenance Training
Fundraising through MACC’s Foundation, Inc. requires approval from the president. 

Once you submit your creative project request:

Studio 255 will base its timeline on your provided due date and will notify you about the feasibility if we have concerns. 

Here are some potential milestone dates for your project:

Text/Content due: Latest date for the Design Center to receive content you are providing.

1st Proof: Approximate date we will have a sample ready to be proofed by you.

Print/Approval date: The date the project needs to go into production to be able to be finished on time.

Delivery/Mail Date: When the finished products will be ready for you to pick up.

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Official Branding

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