Political Science

Course Descriptions

** Meets Missouri Constitution requirement
CORE42Logo_sM Core 42 approved

PSC 103: **American Government 5-0-5
This course deals with the fundamental principles of political science and the organization, principles, and functions of American Government in all of its divisions: national, state, and local. A study of the federal and Missouri constitutions is included in this course. (SP)

PSC 105: CORE42Logo_sM **Introduction to American Government 3-0-3  (MOTR POSC101)
This course covers the study of national government, including its organization, functions, and policies. Detailed attention is given to the policy-making process and to the roles of various government functions. Attempts are made to relate government to everyday life. The course identifies major problems of American society affecting the policy-making process. A study of the federal and Missouri constitutions is included in this course. (FA, SP)

PSC 150: CORE42Logo_sM International Relations 3-0-3  (MOTR POSC201)
PSC 150 is a study of contemporary international affairs, including the family of nations; the control of national foreign policies; and competition and cooperation in the legal, political, economical, and social fields. (IN)

PSC 201: British Politics and Society 3-0-3
This course covers the political culture, institutions, and processes of Britain, including foreign policy and the relation of Britain to the European community. It will also include a discussion of British society and the role of British citizens within the political system. (IN)