Course Descriptions

ECN 101: CORE42Logo_sM Macroeconomics 3-0-3  (MOTR ECON101)
This course includes a study of basic concepts relating to supply, demand, business organization, income, taxation, money and banking, consumption, and savings and investment. This course applies these concepts and their interrelationships to such problems as the general level of economic activity, employment and unemployment, inflation and monetary and fiscal policies, and economic growth and development.

ECN 102: CORE42Logo_sM Microeconomics 3-0-3  (MOTR ECON102)
ECN 102 is a description and analysis of the behavior of households and business firms in the economy. The course includes the analysis of supply and demand, price and output determination in competitive and noncompetitive markets, cost of production of goods and services, resource markets, economic institutions, and international trade. A suggested course sequence: ECN 101 prior to ECN 102.