Loan Repayment and Financial Literacy

Moberly Area Community College wants all of our students to be well informed regarding both borrowing and repaying student loans. We encourage our students to manage debt wisely. The Financial Aid Office offers assistance with money management. These services are open to all current and former students. Our staff is always willing to discuss any questions you may have about establishing good financial habits.

Exit Counseling for Student Borrowers:

Federal student loan borrowers must complete student loan exit counseling upon graduation, transfer to another institution, or when dropping to less than six hours of enrollment. A hold is placed on the student transcript that will be ended once the requirement is fulfilled. Online student loan exit counseling session MUST be completed at StudentAid.Gov. 

If you have any questions regarding student loan exit counseling requirement please contact us at:
Moberly Area Community College
Financial Aid
101 College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270
660-263-4100 ext. 11477


Student Loan Repayment:

Are you having trouble repaying your student loans? You may be able to postpone your payments. You need to contact your loan servicer to see about applying for a deferment or forbearance. Get information here: Who is My Student Loan Servicer? 

You may be able to change your payment amount on your student loan every month. There are options available for those who have a reduced income or may have a large amount of student loan debt. Please follow this link for more information about repayment options that may work better for you if you qualify: Student Loan Repayment 

Do you have a large amount of student loan debt? Maybe you have loans from different schools that have different servicers. If you are making more than one payment on your student loans every month, student loan consolidation might be an option for you.  Check out 5 Things to Know Before Consolidating Federal Student Loans

If you are employed by a government or not-for-profit organization, you might be eligible for the PSLF Program. Learn more about Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  

Financial Literacy:

Do you need help with money management? Visit our Cash Course website at:

Take a look around. The information here will help you make informed financial decisions throughout your college years and into your professional life.