Institutional Assessment

Institutional Assessment

MACC is committed to the ongoing and systematic evaluation of all campus operations, support services, and instructional programs as a means of determining institutional effectiveness and the fulfillment of the College’s mission and purposes.

Additional assessment measures used to determine institutional effectiveness at MACC include:

Program Reviews

All academic, developmental, career/technical, and continuing education programs are evaluated by the administration on a regular basis to determine their educational value and cost-effectiveness and to recommend changes as appropriate. Program changes are reviewed after implementation and adjusted as appropriate. Program Reviews are presented to the Board of Trustees annually to provide an additional measure of accountability.

Faculty Evaluation

The mission of Moberly Area Community College is to foster excellence in learning. Commitment to excellence in instruction and service by recruiting and retaining professional faculty and support staff is defined as an institutional purpose. Regular evaluation ensures that all MACC faculty members are committed to accomplishing this mission and purpose and are provided with an opportunity to further develop and refine their instructional skills. The faculty evaluation system is designed to provide faculty members with both formative and summative feedback regarding their performance and also serves as a catalyst for continued development.

Administrative Evaluation

The administrative evaluation process gathers data about the effectiveness of administrative staff in key performance areas including leadership, organization and planning, budget and resource management, interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving, among others. Findings from the evaluation process are reviewed by the administrative evaluation committee, the College President, and the individual being evaluated and are used to encourage open communication and provide a shared sense of responsibility for the direction of the institution.

Evaluation of Support Services

MACC regularly evaluates support services to the extent that they contribute to student learning in order to enhance the overall student experience. Support services at MACC are evaluated internally through the departmental self-study process and externally through the annual administration of student and employee satisfaction surveys. The Assessment of Support Services committee, comprised of staff from multiple on-campus offices and off-campus sites, oversees both processes. Data gathered from the processes are reviewed by the administration and are used to determine areas for improvement and create departmental goals.