Works by David Linneweh

Exhibition: November 12 – December 12
Gallery Reception: November 12, 1:30-3:30 p.m.

Artist Statement:

The ways in which we experience landscape largely relate to the way in which they have been reshaped to suit are needs. Our relationship with landscape is universal in that every culture experiences similarities while incorporating diversity which reflective specific needs and goals. For my proposed exhibition entitled: Reconstructed, I’m interested in presenting my work as an exploration of how our landscapes are constructed.

The architecture within our culture can tell a great deal about who we are and who we were, varying from each setting they incorporate elements both past and present and it is through their decayed and shiny surfaces we consider their projected significance. In this sense landscape has a transitory nature and utilizes aspects of maintaining architecture, abandoning it, or re-configuring it into a type of architectural hybrid.

These variations of architectural hybrids have found a place of direct influence within my work, their alterations spawning my own re-configurations. In my most recent series of paintings I’ve approached this idea by re-assembling the architecture found within our landscape through my own hybrids. Within these configurations both representational and abstract forms are arranged in a way that draws comparison with the actual landscape experience we associate with them. Viewers find a way into the work through the familiarity of representational fragments and are left to consider their relationship with abstracted shapes of formal color.

The exploration of the themes of landscape aren’t inherently new, artists have been making work about landscape for centuries yet specific towards this show I’m interested in showcasing work mostly from my Re-Assembled series. My paintings allow a viewer to acknowledge my own hand in constructing them, which draws comparison towards actual landscapes, but also speak to the playfulness of the formal language.

Gallery of Works:

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