Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomy Applications and Required Components for the Spring Course are due December 15th.
See below for detailed application instructions.

Phlebotomists are allied health professionals who draw blood from patients or blood donors for medical testing.

MACC’s Phlebotomy Certification Training Course is one of only a few training opportunities in the state of Missouri that prepares students for the ASCP examination.

Our curriculum covers core exam topics including vascular anatomy and physiology, blood collection theory and handling, safety, and applicable laws and regulations governing phlebotomy. In addition, students learn to draw blood in a variety of ways in the classroom and at affiliate sites.

Please note, our phlebotomy program is not eligible for financial aid; however, grant money may be available to help cover costs should you be eligible. Please contact MACC Workforce Development program at or your local workforce development office for further information. Payment plan options are available through MACC Business Office.

Program Components:

Lectures for this 4-credit hour course are held virtually on Tuesday evenings during the Spring semester from 4:30 pm to 5:55 pm. For the first class, students must meet in person at our Mexico, MO campus to finalize course documents and attend the first lecture. Students must also meet in person at our Mexico, MO campus for 2-3 scheduled lab during normal class time. In addition to the lecture and student lab portion of the course, a daytime, 100-hour clinical rotation component is required. Finally, you MUST have weekday, daytime availability to complete this course.

To be eligible you will need the following: 

  1. Proof of the following immunizations:
    • TB Test: One within the last two years and one within one year prior to the end of rotation OR One T-SPOT/QFT (blood test) within one year prior to the end of rotation
    • 2 MMR vaccinations OR a positive titer
    • 2 Varicella vaccinations OR a positive titer
    • Current season’s flu vaccine
    • Hepatitis B vaccinations series of 3 shots OR a positive titer
    • Tetanus Diphtheria (Td) or (Tdap) within the last 10 years
  2. Negative Drug Screen Result
    • The required drug screen (minimum 10 panel) may be completed at Mid Mo Drug Testing at 405 Bernadette Drive, Columbia, Missouri.
    • When you arrive at the testing location, please inform them you are a MACC phlebotomy student.
    • The cost of the drug screen is approximately $37.50, and the results will come directly to our office after specimen has been processed.
  3. Negative Background Check Results
    • You will complete a background check through Background Check Advantage.
    • The form to fill out is found here. You will send the form, signed, directly to their office at or fax it to 573-893-7669.
    • Once you have sent the form, call and pay for the background check using a debit or credit card at 573-893-3700. The cost starts at $24.00 but will vary depending on how many states you have lived in and how many name changes you have had in the past.
    • The results will come to our office directly.
  4. Reference Form
    • NOTE: Please allow enough time for references to submit their online Recommendation Form prior to the application deadline.
    • The recommendations should be completed by a professional reference, other than a relative, who has knowledge of your work, academic performance, volunteer experiences, or other relevant experiences.
    • Ask your reference person to send an email to, stating that they would like to send a recommendation on your behalf and have them state the student’s name in the email. Once the email is received from the reference person, we will email an online Recommendation Form back to the reference person. Once Recommendation From is submitted by the reference person it will be automatically sent back to the Phlebotomy Program.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the reference person has completed the references before the application deadline.
  5. Essential Qualifications form:
  6. MACC Phlebotomy Application:
  7. Release of Information Form:


What you will need to submit to MLT@MACC.EDU:

  • Phlebotomy Application
  • Essential Qualifications Requirement form
  • Immunizations
  • Release of Information Form


What you will need to complete before you submit to MLT@MACC.EDU

  1. Background Check form to Background Check Advantage
  2. Go for your 10-panel drug screen
  3. Send instruction to your 2 referral persons
    • Check to make sure they have followed through on emailing MLT@MACC.EDU


If accepted into the program, you will receive an email stating you will be enrolled into PBC 261 for the Spring Semester.   MACC Staff will enroll you into your course and Labs.

The deadline for the application and its required components is December 15th.

If we do not receive these required documents by December 15th, your application for the course will not be considered.

For application and enrollment questions, please contact

Program Coordinator:
Darinda Mast
MLT Operations Coordinator
2900 Doreli Lane
Mexico, MO 65265
660-263-4100 ext. 13624

Program Administrative Assistant:
Tanna Whitworth
2900 Doreli Lane
Mexico, MO 65265
660-263-4100 x13656

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