Kaleidoscope Garden

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Kaleidoscope Garden

Works by Jill Parisi

Exhibition: January 12 – February 10

Gallery Reception:January 13, 12:00-3:00 p.m.


Artist Statement:

I create imaginary botanical and zoological species. The study of texts and direct observation of flora and fauna serve as a basis for my invented plants and animals. Then through the use of translucent handmade paper, printmaking, and drawing techniques, I fabricate petals, animal skins, and various shapes and forms that bring to mind life forms of the earth, sea, and sky.


The individual elements that comprise my work begin as two dimensional prints and drawings. Employing precise hand cutting, hand coloring and pyrographic techniques, I transform the components sculpturally, or interpret them digitally as designs for translation into glass or other media. The resulting works are introduced into gallery settings; each time that I install each piece, it takes on a slightly different form in response to a new habitat, by turns mimicking paper ecosystems or museum specimens.


Sometimes the pieces that I create are used as components for large installations that react to viewer proximity, fluttering in response to the air currents within an interior space, the outdoors, or the movements of passers by. The effect attests to the universe’s constant state of flux, making the pieces very much alive in their movement and relationship to local environs. This aspect intends both a spontaneous whimsy and to cause the viewer to slow down to observe the details of the work, a brief respite from our fast-paced, screen based lives.


Gallery of Works:

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