Drive Safely

Drive Safely

Works by Robert Gerhardt

Exhibition: October 5 – November 2

Gallery Reception: October 11, 1:00-3:00 p.m.


Artist Statement:

For me, being a photographer is more then simply making photographs of what I see before me. Rather, my photography is an expression of how I empathize with the world and how I relate to what I see in my viewfinder.

It is not a matter of visiting a place, making photographs and leaving. It is about getting to know the people and places I photograph, which can only be accomplished over extended periods of time. It is about trying to step out of my world and into theirs. To sometimes stop being a photographer, put down the camera, and listen and talk instead.

I do not believe that any photographer is capable of showing the entire truth of the world in their photographs. Human nature does not allow one to be completely impartial. And I do not believe that my own work is any different in this regard. My photographs are my take on the people, places and events that I chose to photograph. They are just one point of view, but it is my point of view. In that, they are unique expressions, for no two people ever see the same thing in the same way.

Through my photographic expressions, I show both the beauty and the sadness of the world as I see it. I do not expect the viewer to relate as I do to the people, places and things in the photographs. But if the viewer comes away having seen something that has made them think or feel in an unexpected way, then my photographs have been successful.


Gallery of Works:

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