Artifacts of Matrimony

Artifacts of Matrimony

Works by Mary Weidner and the MACC Alumni Museum

Exhibition: August 28 – September 28

Gallery Reception: September 7, 2:00-7:00 p.m.


Artist Statement:

Mary Weidner: Statement on the Work for Matrimony

My work focuses on the complex dynamics of our most fundamental social unit, the family. This is the unit that forms and molds, provides for and provokes; the unit that is applauded and maligned, idealized and disparaged. While sociologists may analyze the changing nature of family, and politicians expound upon family values, I am more interested in examining the shared histories, intimacies and layers of emotion, which form our understanding of family. Interpersonal and psychological dynamics have often been addressed in literature with the written word. As a visual artist, I employ the medium of paint to probe the uniquely personal and inherently universal experiences of familial life. The pieces take the form of individual paintings, multiple panel narratives, and mixed media installations, all of which serve to chronicle life’s passages, its quandaries, and the repetitive patterns of behavior that link generations. Images selected for this exhibit: Garnet and Jim, The Wedding and Daddy Had a Purple Heart particularly address the various meanings we assign to the term matrimony, as the act of marrying, the state of being husband and wife, or married life.


Gallery of Works:

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