Computing Resources Policy

Computing resources are available to all members of the campus community for the purpose of supporting the educational mission of the College. Access to and use of Moberly Area Community College computing resources must accord with all local, state, federal and international laws and with College policies and procedures. All statements in this policy apply to computing resources located on the MACC Campus/outreach sites as well as those remotely accessed using MACC-controlled computing-networking systems. The statements in this policy apply to all users of MACC computing resources.

1. The use of College computing resources is a privilege which may be revoked by MACC at any time for inappropriate conduct, including any use determined to be unlawful, abusive, or unethical. Misuse of computing or network resources may result in the revocation of privileges, probation, expulsion, termination of employment, civil litigation or criminal prosecution. College policy offers recourse through due process for the resolution of disputes.

2. Social media communications on behalf of MACC must be professional, open, transparent,and readily acknowledge connection to Moberly Area Community College. MACC faculty, staff, and students must follow MACC’s “Best Practices for Use of Social Media” in their work or educational capacity. Faculty, staff, and students are also encouraged to adhere to these guidelines in their personal capacity as well. The “Best Practices for Use of Social Media” document may be found in the Student Handbook, Faculty/Staff Handbook, and the Adjunct Faculty Handbook.

3. Attempts to send threatening or abusive e-mail to another user are prohibited. MACC reserves the right to review any material stored in files or programs to which all users have access and to edit or remove any material which it deems unlawful, obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable.

4. MACC makes reasonable efforts to provide computing systems accessibility. MACC disclaims liability for lost data or degraded service, for unauthorized use of any computing resource, and for lost access or other consequences resulting from computer or network failures or alleged unauthorized use. Users are responsible for the integrity of their data, their account, user identification (login or user id), and electronic address.

5. Users are prohibited from sharing their login (user id) with any other person. In the event a login is shared with another person, the authorized user is solely responsible for the actions of the unauthorized user.

6. System administrators may, after appropriate notification, remove any excess or unused data, files, or user accounts to facilitate maximum use of electronic data storage space. Such notifications may include e-mail and publicly-posted expiration policies for electronic mail, files and accounts.

7. The primary use of MACC computing resources is for educational opportunities related to the mission of the College. Any appropriation of MACC computing resources for commercial use or gain is prohibited.

8. MACC prohibits the reproduction, storage, or transmittal of copyrighted materials without the express written permission of the owner or the proper license.

9. The user is responsible for knowing current policies. MACC reserves the right to add, delete or change policies and/or procedures as deemed necessary and appropriate.