AAT – Associate of Arts in Teaching

Associate of Arts in Teaching
(Effective UG22)

All Missouri community colleges offer the same Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree option for students who want to transfer to a 4-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in teacher education. Most public and private 4-year colleges and universities have agreed to articulate the AAT with their bachelor’s degree programs.

The AAT curriculum is based on the Missouri Teacher Standards approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). This common curriculum ensures that you will meet the competencies identified by DESE at the completion of the second year of postsecondary education.

For more information contact:
Robert L. Williams II
Coordinator of Teacher Education
101 College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270
660-263-4110 x11630

Students are strongly encouraged to consult an advisor and the transfer institution prior to enrolling in courses to ensure that all selected courses will transfer.

Program Outcomes
When students complete an Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree at MACC they will be able to: AAT-program-outcomesThis is our program promise.

Academic Map

AAT Degree Map

Math Pathways Chart

This academic map is based upon the AAT degree requirements as outlined in the academic catalog. In order for you to graduate in two years, specific courses and other requirements (e.g. prerequisites) must be met in a timely manner. It is important that you, when possible and appropriate, enroll in any needed developmental coursework during the first semester(s) of enrollment. Additionally, enrolling for courses during the summer session is an option and can reduce your regular course load and allow you to stay on track to graduate in two years. Finally, keep in mind this map does not substitute for academic advisement. If you have questions, see your advisor and refer to the MACC website for current information.

AAT Graduation Requirements:

  • Complete all Degree (course) Requirements outlined below.
  • Students must achieve a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.
  • Students must achieve a minimum score on the MoGEA as determined by the College or have earned an ACT composite score of 20 or higher.
  • Students must achieve a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average and earn a grade of “C” or better in all required Teacher Education core courses.
  • Four-year transfer institutions may have additional requirements including higher grade point average, ACT, or MoGEA scores.
  • Students are encouraged to work closely with an advisor from the receiving institution so that they may understand and prepare to meet all entrance requirements.

Additional Graduation Requirement

Missouri law, included in Senate Bill 807, requires every college student pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a public institution to pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination with at least a 70 percent to graduate. The rule will apply to the incoming class of first-time college students in the fall of 2019 and all students thereafter.

This academic map is not a contract, either expressed or implied, between MACC and the student, but represents a flexible program of the current curriculum which may be altered from time to time to meet the academic objectives of the college. MACC specifically reserves the right to modify, delete, or add to any academic map at any time within the student’s period of study at the college.

Degree Requirements

Complete all three courses below (9 credit hours):
LAL101Composition I3
LAL102Composition II3
SPK101Public Speaking3

*If a student does not place directly into LAL101 Composition I, optional pathways are available based on placement.

**English (LAL) courses with numbers from 000-099 do not satisfy the AAT degree requirements.

Complete one Math Course below (minimum of 3 credit hours):
MTH140Precalculus Algebra3
MTH142Quantitative Reasoning3

*If a student does not place directly into one of the required courses above, optional Math Pathways are available based on placement.

**Please see your advisor regarding the appropriate math course for your degree and transfer institution.

One of the following courses is required to fulfill the state’s history/Constitution requirement (3 credit hours):
HST105American History to 18653
HST105H (Honors)American History to 18653
HST106American History from 18653
HST106H (Honors)American History from 18653
PSC105Introduction to American Government3
Complete both courses below (6 credit hours):
PSY101General Psychology3
PSY205Human Lifespan Development3
Complete one Biological Science course with lab and one Physical Science course with lab (minimum of 8 credit hours):
BIO101Biology w/ Lab (or other BIO science with lab)4
PHY101Foundations of Physical Science w/ Lab (or other PHY science with lab)4
Complete one Literature course and two Humanities courses (minimum of 9 credit hours):
LAL252Children’s Literature for the Elementary Teacher or
other Literature course for Secondary Education
ART101Art Survey and Appreciation I or other Humanities3
MUS102Music Appreciation or other Humanities3
Complete all of the Education courses below (17 credit hours):
EDU220Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society3
EDU225Teaching Professions with Field Experience3
EDU233 or
Multicultural Education or
Education of Exceptional Learners
EDU235Educational Technology3
EDU245Educational Psychology3
EDU295Education Capstone2
Complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of electives:
(Electives may be selected from education electives, content areas, or any other courses. They should be carefully selected with the help of an advisor to meet degree requirements, prerequisites, preparation for the MoGEA, and planned level and area of teacher preparation. Transfer Institutions may have specific elective requirements. You should be in contact with any institution to which you might transfer.)
 Suggested Electives 
GEO101 or
World Geography I or
World Geography II
 Early Childhood Education Electives 
ECE110Foundations of Early Care and Education3
ECE120Nutrition, Safety and Health3
ECE130Essential of Infant/Toddler Care3
ECE140Play as Learning3

Background Check

You are required to have a background check on file with the Coordinator of Teacher Education at the beginning of the semester in which you are enrolled in EDU225. Copies of our background check must be offered to all schools you visit.