AA – Business

Associate of Arts – Business

The Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Business is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university and major in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, and Management. Suggested coursework under the business emphasis will cover topics in accounting, marketing, economics, business law, human resources, and management. Careers related to business include but are not limited to accountancy, banking, sales, human resources, retail, and finance.

Transferring Credit

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Academic Map

Business Degree Map

This academic map is based upon the AA degree requirements as outlined in the academic catalog. In order for you to graduate in two years, specific courses and other requirements (e.g. prerequisites) must be met in a timely manner. It is important that you, when possible and appropriate, enroll in any needed developmental coursework during the first semester(s) of enrollment. Additionally, enrolling for courses during the summer session is an option and can reduce your regular course load and allow you to stay on track to graduate in two years. Finally, keep in mind this map does not substitute for academic advisement. If you have questions, see your advisor and refer to the MACC website for current information.

This academic map is not a contract, either expressed or implied, between MACC and the student, but represents a flexible program of the current curriculum which may be altered from time to time to meet the academic objectives of the college. MACC specifically reserves the right to modify, delete, or add to any academic map at any time within the student’s period of study at the college.

Degree Requirements

Complete all three courses – 9 hours required
LAL101Composition I*3
LAL102Composition II3
SPK101 or
Public Speaking or
Interpersonal Communications

*If a student does not place directly into LAL101 Composition I, optional pathways are available based on placement.
**English (LAL) courses with numbers from 000-099 do not satisfy the AA degree requirements.

Complete a minimum of one course*
MTH140College Algebra3
MTH142Quantitative Reasoning3
MTH160Elementary Statistics3
MTH190Calculus for Business and Life Sciences3
MTH201Analytic Geometry & Calculus I5

*If a student does not place directly into one of the required courses above, optional Math Pathways are available based on placement.
**Math (MTH) courses with numbers from 000-099 as well as MTH100 (counts as AA elective credit) do not satisfy the AA degree requirements.
***Please see your advisor regarding the appropriate math course for your degree and transfer institution.

Complete a minimum of three courses from two disciplines – 9 hours required
One of the following courses is required to fulfill the state’s history/Constitution requirement:
HST105American History to 18653
HST106American History from 18653
PSC105Introduction to American Government3
The remaining six hours must be selected from the following:
GEO101World Geography I3
HST105American History to 18653
HST106American History from 18653
HST150African American History I3
HST151African American History II3
PSC105Introduction to American Government3
PSC150International Relations3
PSY101General Psychology3
PSY205Human Lifespan Development3
SOC150Intro. to Criminal Justice Systems3
SOC205Social Problems3
Complete a minimum of two courses from two disciplines with at least one course with a lab component – 7 hours required
AGR141Plant Science w/ Lab4
BIO101Biology w/ Lab4
BIO105Introductory Conservation Biology3
BIO135Human Nutrition3
BIO150General Zoology w/ Lab5
BIO151Introductory Plant Biology w/ Lab4
BIO155General Biology for Majors I w/ Lab4
BIO205Human Anatomy w/ Lab4
BIO209Physiology w/ Lab4
PHY101Foundations of Physical Science w/ Lab4
PHY120Foundations of Chemistry w/ Lab4
PHY121General Chemistry I w/ Lab5
PHY125Foundations of Physics w/ Lab4
PHY140Soil Science w/ Lab4
PHY160Earth Science3
PHY162Introduction to Astronomy3
PHY163Geology w/ Lab4
PHY164Atmospheric Science3
PHY181General Physics I w/ Lab5
PHY201Engineering Physics I w/ Lab5
Complete a minimum of three courses from two disciplines – 9 hours required
ART101Art Survey & Appreciation I3
ART102Art Survey & Appreciation II3
ART110Drawing & Composition I13
ART124Beginning Sculpture13
ART201Painting I13
ART205Ceramics I13
DRM120Theater Appreciation3
DRM150Acting I13
DRM160Children’s Theatre3
DRM165Stage Makeup13
FLN101Elementary Spanish5
FLN102Intermediate Spanish5
FLN111Elementary French5
FLN112Intermediate French5
FLN121Elementary Arabic5
FLN122Intermediate Arabic5
HST101Western Civilization I3
HST102Western Civilization II3
LAL115Introduction to Fiction Writing13
LAL116Introduction to Poetry Writing13
LAL117Introduction to Creative Nonfiction13
LAL120American Lit. Survey to 18703
LAL121American Lit. Survey from 18703
LAL125African-American Literature3
LAL150English Lit. Survey to 17503
LAL151English Lit. Survey from 1750 to Pres.3
LAL153Intro. to Contemporary Literature3
LAL160Introduction to Film Studies3
LAL161History of Film3
LAL210A Survey of World Literature I3
LAL211A Survey of World Literature II3
LAL250History & Dev. of the Short Story3
LAL255Women’s Literature3
LAL275Classical Mythology3
MUS101Fundamentals of Music3
MUS102Music Appreciation3
MUS103History of Rock & Roll3
MUS105Music of America3
MUS106Music History I3
MUS107Music History II3
MUS130MACC Singers I11
MUS131MACC Singers II11
MUS137MACC Concert Band I11
MUS205World Music3
MUS230MACC Singers III11
PHI150Introduction to Philosophy3
PHI151Introduction to Logic3
PHI152Introduction to Ethics3
PHI251Religions of the World3
PHI252Hebrew Bible3
PHI253Early Christian Sacred Texts3
1There is a limit of three (3) credit hours of Performance (PERF) courses that can be applied to the Humanities & Fine Arts Knowledge Area and to the total CORE 42.

Students must select courses identified by the Core 42 symbol to fulfill any remaining hours in the core transfer curriculum. Maximum of 5 credit hours that result from an overage in total credit hours from Communications, Mathematics, Social & Behavioral Science, Physical & Biological Science, and Humanities will apply to the Additional Core Transfer Curriculum requirement. Any additional credit hours from the 42-credit hour transfer curriculum will apply to elective hours.

Complete courses to reach 60 credit hours. Maximum of 18 elective credit hours allowed for the degree.

Suggested Business Electives

ACC101: Accounting I**      
ACC102: Accounting II**     
ACC110: Personal Finance        

BUS100: Introduction to Business           
BUS112: Principles of Management             
BUS113: Human Resource Management
BUS120: Business Law
BUS150: Business Communication

ECN101: Macroeconomics
ECN102: Microeconomics

MKT105: Principles of Marketing

MTH160: Elementary Statistics
MTH190: Calculus for Business and Life Sciences

**If a student completes ACC101, it is highly recommended that they complete ACC102 with MACC to ensure ease of transfer. For further information, please see your advisor and contact the institution to which you plan to transfer.

Additional Elective Options

  • Any course with the following prefixes will be accepted as electives within the Associate of Arts degree:

























 (*LAL and MTH courses with numbers from 000-099 are developmental and do not serve as electives.)

• Career and technical courses accepted as electives in MACC’s AA degree program include the following:

ACC101: Accounting I
ACC102: Accounting II
ACC110: Personal Finance
All AGR (Agriculture Courses)
BHS100: Introduction to Behavioral Health Support
BUS100: Introduction to Business
BUS112: Principles of Management
BUS113: Human Relations in Management
BUS120: Business Law
BUS150: Business Communication
ECN101: Macroeconomics
ECN102: Microeconomics
HSC120: Health and Hygiene
HSC121: First Aid
HSC171: Medical Terminology
ITC (All ITC except ITC281, ITC282, ITC283, ITC295 & ITC299)
MKT105: Principles of Marketing
PED101, 102, 203, 204: Life Sports
PED140: Methods and Techniques of Officiating I
PED141, 142, 241, 242: Varsity Sports/Basketball
PED150: Coaching Basketball
PED201: Introduction to Physical Education
SKL101: College Orientation

Additional Graduation Requirement
Missouri law, included in Senate Bill 807, requires every college student pursuing an associate’s or bachelor’s degree at a public institution to pass the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination with at least a 70 percent to graduate. The rule will apply to the incoming class of first-time college students in the fall of 2019 and all students thereafter.

1981-82 National Championship Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran
Ball Boy – Troy Halterman
Eleanor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Brenna Kelly
Carmela McMullen
Tammy Harryman
Janet Thompson
Kim Cooley
Lisa Brown
Georgia Hinson
Kathy Schulz
Denise Derrieux
Margrett Bassett
Jackie Glosson
Marion Fitzsimmons
Manager – Debbie Brown
Manager – John Peveler

1980-1981 Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran 
Sandy Moore
Pat Seger Zeitlow
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Patty Rapp Thorne
Renne Skaggs Brown
Vickie Crigler
Elenaor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Sheri Sills Schneider
Sara Figg Gillilan
Manager Roxie Robinson
Manager Debbie Brown

1977-78 Women’s Team

Coach Joyce Campbell
Assistant Coach Steve Hunter
Mary Smiley Wohlford
Linda Connor Seidt
Robin Fitzsimmons Trammell
Janet Jackson
Debbie Stith Head
Kristie Richards Musick
Donna Farris David
Brenda Rucker
Neal Head, trainer
Cara Sue Bowden Cockerham, manager