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Transferring Credit to MACC

Transfer credit from any post-secondary institution will be considered if regional, national, professional and/or specialized accreditation has been awarded and recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The Higher Education Directory (HED) lists the accredited, degree-granting institutions of post-secondary education in the United States and its outlying areas.


Transfer Credit Evaluation
  • Based on guidelines for student transfer and articulation among Public Missouri Colleges and Universities (CBHE, 1987), in most cases, MACC will accept all Associate degrees and/or Bachelor degrees as meeting all general education core requirements for the AA/AAS/AAT degrees only. Exceptions would be the ADN, AADN, and OTA degrees and PN Certificate, which have specified time limits, and the A.S. degree, which has many specified core requirements. In both cores, the Registrar will evaluate courses individually regardless of whether or not a degree was awarded.
  • Transfer credit will only be considered from schools that are listed in the Higher Education Directory.
  • In general, college courses are not accepted from another college/university if taken at the junior/senior level. The only exception to this would be courses that have a direct equivalent to one of our classes (i.e. Accounting Principles is sometimes taught at the 300-level at area universities). Additionally, students transferring a “D” grade will be considered for credit by MACC.
  • Degree requirements are determined by the catalog in place at the time of initial enrollment.
  • Physiology must be repeated if completed five years or more before the date of entry into the PN program. Nursing courses taken at other schools of nursing or at MACC will not be accepted for transfer into the PN Program after two years. In addition, Physiology and Microbiology must be repeated if completed five years or more before the date of entry into the ADN and AADN programs. Finally, Anatomy and Physiology must be repeated if completed five years or more before the date of entry into the OTA program. These requirements also apply to science courses taken at MACC.
  • State Technical College of Missouri course work will be evaluated for credit if taken during the summer 1997 semester or thereafter.


Military Transcript Evaluation Procedure
  • All veterans who provide a DDT214 (Basic Training) or INOBE will be awarded 2 Physical Education (activity) credits.
  • Additionally, all military transcripts, which are requested by a veteran (admitted MACC student) to be evaluated, must be submitted to the Registrar. If possible, a veteran should submit a military transcript to the Registrar, which is available on ANY veteran who attended military service from 1985 to present.
  • If the veteran (student) is a Technical/Career major, the transcript/military records will be forwarded to the Dean of Technical/Career Education. Veterans seeking an AA/AS/AAT degree will have their evaluation completed by the Registrar (or Dean of Student Affairs). Evaluations will only be completed on veterans (students) who have a declared major.


Test Equivalency Credit 

MACC's Articulation Agreements