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Tow Procedure

All vehicles parking illegally on the property of Moberly Area Community College will be issued violations and assessed fines by the Security Department. All violations will be recorded, and the vehicle registration or parking permit will be traced for affiliation to the College (faculty, staff, and student).

Any vehicle that cannot be identified as being affiliated with MACC will be added to a tow list after the third violation. Upon the fourth violation, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense. All vehicles removed from MACC property will be towed by the local towing company utilized by Moberly Police Department at that time.

Any vehicle parked on MACC property that creates a hazard caused by the manner or location in which it is parked, or any habitual violator (see habitual violator policy) who continues to park on MACC property may also be towed according to this policy.

Any charges incurred during the towing process will be the owner’s responsibility, and will be settled between the owner and the towing company. In addition, any damages that may occur to the vehicle during towing will also be settled between the owner and the towing company, and will not be the responsibility of Moberly Area Community College.