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►SECURITY - EXT. 11247 OR 651-9011 ● AFTER HOURS - POLICE - 263-0346 ● EMERGENCIES - 911 ◄

When a tornado signal is sounded or when it is obvious that a tornado is approaching, all students and personnel should take cover. The best sources of cover or shelter are found on the lowest level of the building, away from windows, and under desks or other study furniture. Avoid auditoriums and other spaces with wide, free-span roofs. City sirens are utilized as MACC’s WARNING SIGNAL for a tornado. The Security Director or designee will activate the Crisis Management Team for building notifications.




All should be aware of the following procedures in case of a tornado or tornado warning:

  • Doors should be closed but not locked.
  • Lights and all electrical equipment should be turned off.
  • Individuals taking cover in hallways should assume a squatting position facing the walls with their hands covering their heads.
  • Instructors moving to a place of safety should have possession of class rosters.
  • If an injury occurs, it should be reported to the Security Office as soon as the "all clear" has been given.
  • All should remain under cover or shelter until a college office or rescue personnel has given a verbal "all clear.”