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Tobacco Free Policy

Moberly Area Community college is committed to providing a healthy educational setting and workplace not only for our students and employees, but also for those who visit our campuses and facilities. Moberly Area Community College has determined that all campus sites will be tobacco-free in August, 2012. MACC joins a growing list of over 400 colleges and universities nationwide that have enacted tobacco-free policies. As an educational institution, we believe it is our obligation to lead by example and to provide a healthy educational environment for all.

This campus policy is in response to:

  • exposure to second-hand smoke (SHS);
  • desire to ensure clean air for all who come to the college;
  • tobacco litter on the campus; and
  • presence of underage students.

Moberly Area Community College prohibits the use of all tobacco products on all grounds and parking areas (traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew, pipes, cigars, hookah or waterpipe smoking, snus, snuff, etc.). Exceptions may be granted for specific auxiliary enterprises, as approved by the President.

No tobacco-related advertising or sponsorship shall be permitted on Moberly Area Community College property, at college-sponsored events or in publications produced by the college, with the exception of advertising in a newspaper or magazine that is not produced by Moberly Area Community College and which is lawfully sold, bought or distributed on campus property. For the purposes of this policy, “tobacco-related” applies to the use of a tobacco brand or corporate name, trademark, logo, symbol or motto, selling message, recognizable pattern of colors or any other indicia of product identification identical to or similar to, or identifiable with, those used for any brand of tobacco products or company which manufactures tobacco products.



Persons will be informed of this policy through:

  • signs posted in appropriate areas throughout the college;
  • MACC website and houndmail;
  • e-mail communication to all employees; and
  • employee and student handbooks.

Enforcement of this policy will depend upon the cooperation of all faculty, staff, students and visitors not only to comply with this policy, but also to encourage others to comply with the policy, in order to promote a healthy environment in which to work and study.

Visitors, contractors, and other individuals on campus who are in violation of the policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply by discarding the tobacco product.

All staff, faculty, and students violating the policy should be reminded of the policy and asked to comply by discarding the tobacco product.

  • If a student refuses to comply with the policy, the Dean of Student Services shall be contacted at ext. 11235. That office will follow up with the student regarding the policy and available resources.
  • If a staff or faculty member refuses to comply with the policy, the immediate supervisor shall be notified. The immediate supervisor will follow up with the employee to remind him/her about the policy and available resources. Continued violations may also result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
Smoking Cessation Resources/Program

Moberly Area Community College will offer and promote prevention and education initiatives. We will actively support non-use and address the risks of all forms of tobacco use. MACC will provide services that include practical evidence-based approach to end tobacco use for students and employees who want to quit.

Moberly Area Community College will encourage individuals to enroll in a comprehensive smoking cessation program. All students, faculty and staff, who are interested, are encouraged to learn more about this program. For more information, call the Employee/Student Assistance Program at 800.832.8302 or visit the Employee/Student Assistance Program website at www.hhhealthassociates.com.

Policy Enforcement

Designated staff at each campus will monitor and enforce this policy. In the event that individuals or groups are found using tobacco products, they will be given a verbal reminder with a review of the Tobacco-Free Policy and their compliance is requested.

In September, 2013, a penalty was instituted for repeat offenders of the policy. This penalty will be invoked only after warnings by an administrator who has talked with the violator and after notification that future violations could result in a penalty. The penalty consists of a $20 fine or two hours of labor (picking up refuse on campus).

It is our intent to educate our students and employees about the policy then seek their compliance. It is our goal to treat tobacco users with respect and dignity. The policy is not focused on getting adults to quit their use of tobacco, though we offer assistance to those who wish to do so. Rather, we emphasize the importance of respecting others.