Student Artifacts Gallery

Student Artifacts Gallery

Spring, 2015 – Drawing II (ART111) and Painting II (ART202)

This gallery showcases a selection of student artifacts comprised of artworks and artist statements from the Drawing II and Painting II courses during the 2015 spring semester at Moberly Area Community College. The students utilized the The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, MACC’s One Read book, as source material for the production of their work.

The following is a synopsis of the assignment given:

Immortality through Multiplicity

Goal – Produce an artwork that uses multiplicity to convey the concept of immortality. The artworks’ goal originates from the manner in which HeLa cells replicate in The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot (MACC’s One Read book). The media and form of this artwork is the student’s choice.


Student #1

My project is based on the HeLa cell. I used some of the HeLa ideas [such as] reproducing, the cell never dying, and the women whose tumor made the HeLa cell. I made an animation based on a peacock expanding his back tail feathers. I tried to make the feathers look like when the cells where moving their tentacles to feed the cell. I chose the peacock and the colors based on two things. The colors are based on the dye they use for the cell, and the symbol of the peacock is based on this idea of immortality [like HeLa] they have been using the same cells from the 1950’s.
– L. H.

HeLa Peacock Animation
Student #2

I felt the main topic that drew me to HeLa and Henrietta were the ideals of the family and the lack of the child-parent bond. [I felt that] with her children being left without their mother could make for an emotional piece. I started with the idea of a constant conversation [that] fit my mother […] but I decided to do a one sided conversation […] One side of the loop is for the children to talk to their mother and vice versa.
– J. P.

Henrietta and Daughter one-sided conversations


Student #3

All of them have a repeating pattern which has a start and a finish […] it’s life in a nutshell, being born, growing up, and dying. It is a never–ending cycle, but still it seems like, to me anyways, when you die there is always a piece existing. It could be physical, mental, or theoretical, [… One work uses] a Marvel comic character […] He happened to get sick but the doctors realized his cells are actually different [because of] an accelerated healing factor. He cannot be killed […] He is immortal and no matter what happens his body replicates itself back to normal, and it goes on and on…
– I. W.

Deadpool and HeLa Cylinder


Student #4

In this project I chose the phenakistoscope… The rim of the project is based from the lotus flower. The baby flowers are coming out and growing up. The big flowers cover the baby flowers… these lotus flowers rise and decline, again and again like HeLa cells…
–D. C.

 HeLa - Lotus Phenakistoscope



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