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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning at Moberly Area Community College is an ongoing activity involving all constituents of the College: faculty, staff, students, administration, and members of the community. A Central Planning Council, consisting of rotating faculty, staff, and administrators from all MACC sites is formed to ensure that all constituents have an avenue for input into the strategic planning process. This council is responsible for organizing and directing biennial planning meetings with College constituents and formalizing an official Master Plan for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Throughout the strategic planning process, faculty, staff, administration, students, area educators, adjunct faculty, alumni, College advisory boards, and community members are given the opportunity to have input through the use of comment cards distributed across multiple sites. Other sources utilized throughout the planning process include the College’s previous five-year Master Plan, Mission and Vision documentation, academic and support services assessment data, and regular interaction with students, faculty, staff, and community members. The review process also considers national, state, and local trends in education; science and technology; and social, economic, and political factors which impact the College.

Results of the above planning strategies are reviewed by MACC Administration, which establishes priorities for inclusion in the Master Plan, suggests corrective actions, assigns implementation to specific staff, and identifies resources needed. The finalized Master Plan document is ultimately presented to the Board of Trustees for review and approval. After formal approval, the President distributes the plan College-wide and implementation begins. Quarterly progress reports ensure the completion of plan objectives in a timely fashion and the President or her designee makes semi-annual progress reports to all staff and a mid-cycle progress report to the Board of Trustees.

MACC’s strategic planning process is perpetual in nature; an updated Master Plan will be completed every two years following the planning cycle detailed in the Master Planning document. Thus, the next planning cycle will begin in September 2010.

The President is ultimately responsible for the implementation of the goals and objectives contained in the Master Plan. Although the President is not indicated as having primary responsibility for each objective, those persons assigned primary responsibility are required to report to the President or her designee on progress toward accomplishment of objectives.


MACC 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

MACC 2011-2016 Master Plan

MACC 2009-2014 Master Plan

Mission Documentation

Vision Documentation

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