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How to Print Advisement Copy of Transcript

  1. From your HP menu, select "Display Transcripts"
  2. Press "Escape"
  3. Select "Print"
  4. Press "Escape"
  5. Key in the student's MACC ID number or social security number with no hyphens or breaks. (Consult "Looking Up a Student by Name" from the "How To" pages on the MACC web site to learn how to find a student in the HP by name only.)
  6. Press "Escape"
  7. Arrow down to "Output Device". Key in "More" to view the transcript on your computer monitor. Key in "slave", "local", or your specific office printer name to print the transcript on your printer.
  8. Arrow down to "Include Current Session". Change the "N" to "Y" to add the current session classes in progress to the transcript.
  9. Leave "Restrict to a Single Session?" as "N".
  10. Press "Escape" to print the document.
  11. Upon conclusion of printing, the cursor will return to the upper left menu. Select "Print" to print another student's transcript and proceed from #1 above.
  12. When you have finished printing all transcripts required, arrow to "Exit" and press "Escape".