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How to Print a Student Enrollment Form

  1. Select "Registration Reports" if you are a Faculty member. Select "Forms" if you are a Staff member.
  2. Select "Registration--One".
  3. Enter the student’s MACC ID number or social security number without hypens. (If neither number is known, please refer to "Looking Up a Student By Name" also located in the "How To…" pages.)
  4. Key in the session using FA, SP, or SU for the appropriate session.
  5. Key in the year using four digits. (i.e. 2005, etc.)
  6. Press "Escape". (It is not necessary to change "Program" or "Date".)
  7. \Enter the code name of the printer from which you wish the enrollment form to be printed. If yours is not a specific office printer, enter "slave" or "local".
  8. Press "Escape". The student’s enrollment form, listing demographic information, major, degree sought, and placement test scores should then print at the designated location.
  9. Press "Escape" or "Enter" to return to your main menu.