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How to Lookup a Student By Name

If you seek to locate information in the HP regarding a student and do not have access to their MACC student ID number or their social security number, you may search by name. These search instructions work in all HP reports to which you have access. When the cursor flashes on ID Number or Student, do the following:

  1. Press Control and T at the same time. A new screen will pop up with the cursor flashing on Name.
  2. Key in the student's last name. The first letter must be capitalized with the balance of the name in lower case. Next key in a comma, followed by at least the first few letters of the student's first name. Once again, capitalize the first letter and key in the balance in lower case. Key an asterisk (*) at the end of the name. (Very important! The asterisk tells the computer to look for any name similar to the one that you keyed.)

    Example: Smith, Sara*
  3. Press Escape.
  4. If an individual name along with address demographics pops up and it is correct, press Escape to select that name.
  5. If a list of names pops up, key in the number by the correct name and press Escape. Then the individual name along with address demographics will pop up. If it is correct, press Escape to select it. If it is not correct, arrow to Query and proceed as before from #2.


This procedure will allow you to look up student information using only the student's name.