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Services Offered

  • HSE Preparation
  • Assistance in improving basic skills such as reading, math, social studies, language, writing and science to prepare for the HSE test.
  • Literacy Volunteers/Tutors
  • Workplace Readiness
  • Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medical Technician preparatory assessments
  • Computerized instruction
  • Referrals and access to various resources through area agencies and organizations

Students are allowed to work at their own level and pace. AEL instructors assist in tracking student progress with an individualized lesson plan that can be created for each student.


Computerized Training

  • Interactive GED
  • Practice HSE test
  • Skills Bank (Computerized Tutor Program)
  • Plato
  • Skills Tutor (Internet Based)
  • Academy of Reading (Literacy Program)



What is expected of students who enroll in the Adult Education and Literacy Program?

Attend a New Student Enrollment Orientation.
Attend classes a minimum of 9 hours per week.
Work to achieve goals and master subject areas in preparation for official High School Equivalency (HSE) Test.