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MACC Students Create Outdoor Sculpture

Moberly Area Community College Sculpture instructor, Andrew Glenn commissioned his students to design and construct a temporary outside sculpture for the planters outside of Komar Hall. The sculpture is titled, "The Growth of Knowledge" and was created by Tyler Fortenberry, Brad Koeven, and Lisa Stegall.

“The students had to think about how the sculpture would display in the surrounding context of the College. It had to be unique for that space,” explained Glenn.

Their concept was to make abstracted versions of plants based on looking at real images of insect eating plants. They really liked the surreal look of these plants. They wanted to have an entire planter box filled with the sculpture and then just a few plants extended into the other planter nearby. The "extension" of the plants was to represent the spreading or growth of knowledge since the sculpture is set in an academic setting.

The sculpture is constructed with PVC pipe, metal, fabric, tomato cages, Christmas ornaments, chicken wire and duck tape.



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