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What does the constitution mean to you?

The U.S. Constitution was voted on and accepted by delegates on September 17th, 1787, becoming the “law of the land” with the ratification of the ninth state (New Hampshire) on June 21st, 1788. So, take the time to read and think about those words in one of America’s important founding documents. Respond to the prompt “What Does the Constitution Mean to You?” to be entered into a drawing to win some MACC swag. On Constitution Day (September 17th), the posts will be made public for all to reflect on and enjoy.


The constitution to me means that each person has to follow the "ground rules." To remain loyal to the country and how the country should be governed to remain within the guidelines of the Founding Fathers. To me if we don't get back on track of what the constitution states how we should be running the country, the united states will fall apart and eventually become a dictator country.  --- Sophia Ragar

The Constitution has had different meanings to me at different times in my life. When I was younger and we were learning about it grade school, I thought that it must be perfect. It must be what makes this country the way it is. As I got older and saw that the world outside of my "bubble" was like, I began to wonder about how, as a country, we can seem so divided. There are other countries that are true allies and we are only one and we are split in so many ways. I am sad when I think about the Constitution and what it was supposed to stand for; be about; and even though I don't agree with practices throughout this country from its writing to today, I don't think about history and our nation's growth in a positive light anymore. It feels as though it as all for not; all for pain and sorrow and separation. We are not "the people" and we are not "united" and we are surely not caring for one another. When I think of the Constitution, I feel sad for the loss of what a great nation this could have been today. --- Shae

The constitution is the document that proves that we, the American people, can as a nation move mountains in the name of good and justice. We once formed a government that had the good of the people at heart and the constitution made a country of democratic dreamers a nation. The constitution is the document foundation of the "American Dream" that became a reality. Relocating to America is now sought by persons around the world for its freedom and wealth. Without the great beginnings of our country and the bravery of its founders we would not be here today. --- Nicholas Tietsort

To me, the Constitution means freedom. Freedom to make decisions for myself in every aspect of life. To speak for or against certain views or opinions, not to be silenced by “fact checkers.” Freedom is the right to own a gun and protect myself from assault and anyone who tries to take away or change my freedoms listed in the Constitution. Yes, there have been great benefactors from ratifications, such as the right to vote for all and the end of slavery, however there is a reason that the Constitution was written the way it was - the founding fathers wanted freedom from a tyrant (King) government. The Constitution means freedom to live as a citizen of the United States and rightfully vote for those in office. We take these freedoms for granted and don’t thank the men and women who serve our country to keep these freedoms, we don’t pay attention to what’s happening in government and through the media.. what happens when our freedoms are gone? Where do we go? The Constitution of the United States of America represents freedom, liberty, and justice for all. --- Molly Wright