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Career & Technical Education Month Spotlights Jacob Cummings

CTE Month logo 2017 fullcolor TP small3/5/2019

As we continue to celebrate and recognize alumni from some of our programs in the Career and Technical Education Department, we see that the hard work and dedication has paid off for these graduates.

Jacob Cummings graduated from the Architectural and Mechanical Design Program in 2018. While he was completing this degree program at MACC, he was able to secure employment with Wallace Architects, LLC in Columbia. They have been an amazing company to provide work experience in this industry while working around his college schedule.

Deanna Blickhan, Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional and MACC Instructor commented on Jacob when she learned he was one of the alumni spotlights. “I thoroughly enjoyed having Jacob in this program. He was so eager to learn and to be involved in his educational journey. I watched him grow during the two years he was here at MACC and flourish into a young man, very adept at problem-solving, working with and helping his peers and achieving the goals he had set for his future.”

Jacob is currently attending the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Automotive Technology Management with an emphasis in Design and also a minor in business. He is currently being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success and Phi Sigma Pi. He also made the Dean’s list at UCM.

jacobCummingsWe interviewed Jacob with some more specific questions and found out the following details:;

  • What AAS Program did you receive your degree from at MACC? Architectural and Mechanical Engineering Design and Development.
  • Where are you currently employed? Wallace Architects L.L.C.
  • What is your job title? Drafting Technician
  • What called you to the Career & Technical Education Degree Program you completed? The location of MACC, the people and instructors, the dual credit and articulation with Moberly Area Technical Center, and the flexibility of classes as I worked and took classes.
  • What is your greatest memory/achievement in this CTE Program? My greatest memory was the time we were able to apply what we learned in class and survey part of the park in Moberly. My greatest achievement would have to be when I coordinated with my classmates to develop a fully sustainable conceptual house for homeless veterans.
  • What has been the greatest challenge in this career field? Keeping up with advancing and constantly changing software.
  • What advice would you give others about pursuing this career field/degree program? ALWAYS CONTINUE LEARNING! I learn something new every day and it is essential for success in this field, because not a single person knows everything there is to know.
  • Who in this CTE Program or Related Industry (Community/Business) do you look up to as a role model/explain? I don’t think there is one specific person to look up to, but all the people who helped shape me such as teachers, professors, and my superiors within companies are certainly people I admire.
  • What would be your professional/personal motto (or quote)? “The noblest art is that of making others happy” – P.T. Barnum. I feel like this quote fits very close with what I do; create drawings that make bosses, customers, and contractors happy, and I definitely enjoy it!
  • What is the biggest overall lesson you have learned during your career journey upon completing your education with MACC? Be diligent with your work, work as hard as you can, be best that you can, take ownership of the work that you produce, and don’t sacrifice quantity for quality.

Employment of architecture and engineering occupations is projected to grow seven percent through 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Most of the projected job growth in this group is in the engineer occupations, as their services will be in demand in various areas such as rebuilding of infrastructure, renewable energy, oil and gas extraction, and robotics.

The median annual wage for architecture and engineering occupations in Missouri is around $57,000 annually and the national median wage is $63,000. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a wide variety of career opportunities in this field— https://www.bls.gov/ooh/architecture-and-engineering/home.htm.




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