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Education Trip May 2020

Led by Greg & Joyce Pauley
Moberly Area Community College

In the British Isles, the bindings of culture and history are as strong as King Arthur’s sword. As you zip across the landscapes that knights spent centuries battling for, it all comes into focus. Try not to blink as you see where ties were broken and kingdoms were defended. English works everywhere you go, but your jam-packed adventure will leave you fluent in everything British Isles.

“I had the best time of my life on this trip to the British Isles!! I visited places that I have dreamed of visiting for years! I learned a lot, made amazing friends, and got the experience of a lifetime! My tour guide was awesome and he made the trip so much more enjoyable! Our group had such an amazing time we are already planning a 2-year reunion and I can't wait!”  — Student traveler, Midwest City, Oklahoma
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