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Career & Technical Education Month Spotlights Trace Hedworth

CTE Month logo 2017 fullcolor TP small2/26/2018

As MACC finalizes the celebration of National Career & Technical Education, this month, we are proud to present the final student spotlight.

This week we focus on Engineering -- Architectural & Mechanical Design. Architects plan and design houses, factories, office buildings, and other structures. Architects typically meet with clients to determine requirements for structures, give preliminary estimates on cost and construction time, prepare structure specifications, drawings and documents as well as scaled drawings with computer software. Architects work on public or private projects and design both indoor and outdoor spaces. They use computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and building information modeling (BIM) for creating designs and construction drawings.

The median annual wage for architects was $76,930 in May 2016. Most architects work full time and many work additional hours, especially when facing deadlines. Self-employed architects may have more flexible work hours.


Trace HedworthName: Trace Hedworth           

Program you are enrolled in at MACC: AAS in Architectural & Mechanical Design

What did you want to be when you were a child? It was a bit of a toss-up between the Red Power Ranger and an engineer.

What called you to the Career & Technical Education Degree Program you are enrolled in? I got into drafting and 3D modeling as a hobby while I was in high school, but hadn’t considered making a career of it until I found MACC’s program.

What is your greatest memory/achievement in this CTE Program? Some of my best memories came from working with 3D printing and watching my models come to life while taking the AMD102 Technical Drawing course with the program lead instructor, Deanna Blickhan.

What has been the greatest challenge in this CTE Program? It’s probably been said a million times, but time management really has been the hardest part of this program.

What advice would you give others about this CTE Program? Be self-motivated to continue learning outside of class. I’ve picked up a lot just from going out on my own and finding tutorials, reading forums, and doing side projects at home.

Who in this CTE Program or Related Industry (Community/Business) do you look up to as a role model/explain? I accepted a position with Cleaver & Associates L.L.C. located in Macon towards the end of my third semester as a drafting intern. The drafting technician that’s been training me Kevin Harrison, is a bit of a role model for me. He’s been doing his best to familiarize me with the ins and outs of land surveying, so I appreciate his guidance a lot.

Favorite class taken in the CTE Program you are enrolled in/explain: Last semester I took a machine tool class taught by Mr. Ancell where I got to work with lathes, and I honestly looked forward to it every day.

What would be your professional/personal motto (or quote)? Never tell anyone everything you know.

What is the biggest overall lesson you have learned during your educational journey? You have to be willing to create your own opportunities.




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