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Explore your creative side and learn from some of northeast Missouri’s most talented faculty—

register today for classes in MUSIC, THEATRE, and ART!

Classes begin Jan. 17!

See what’s offered below!
Connect with an Advisor to learn more!  



Senior Citizens In-District—register for these and other MACC classes FREE!


The following classes are offered at selected MACC locations during the Spring 2017 semester—classes begin Jan. 17!

Connect with an Advisor today to learn more and to register— or 660-263-4100 ext. 11234.


  • Stage Make-Up: This FUN, hands-on, one-hour class will teach you the art of designing and applying makeup for stage actors.
  • Theatre Appreciation: This course will introduce you to all aspects of the art of theatre—from theatre production to its rich history around the world.
  • Children’s Theatre: Learn how to engage kids with theatre through storytelling, puppetry, clowning and playback theatre! You will learn from one of Missouri’s most engaging story tellers—Associate Professor of Drama Joyce Pauley.
  • 10-Day Theatre Trip to London (May 2017)! Learn more here or contact Associate Professor of Drama Joyce Pauley at or 660-263-4100 ext. 11359.


  • History of Rock n Roll: Motown. The Beatles. The Fifties. Soul. Learn about it all in this class—treat your ears to some of the best music in history.
  • Music of America: Learn about American’s rich history of music—from the early Native American music to Big Band to today’s mainstream hits—it’s all covered!
  • Music Appreciation: This course emphasizes the various phases of musical beauty—you’ll come away a better listener to the art of music.
  • MACC Singers: Be a part of the MACC Singers and share your talent on-stage! Contact Associate Professor of Music Karen Werner at or 660-263-4100 ext. 11357 to learn more.
  • Piano: Check off one of those New Year’s resolutions and learn some basic piano skills!
  • Private Voice: Individual vocal study with a seasoned voice instructor. Contact Associate Professor of Music Karen Werner at or 660-263-4100 ext. 11357 to learn more.


  • Ceramics: Get your hands dirty and learn the techniques and skills to create a variety of traditional pottery pieces. Enrollment is limited so enroll early!
  • Digital Photography: Using Adobe Photoshop, this course will introduce you to the theoretical and practical aspects of digital photography-grow your skills and learn how to manipulate and enhance digital photos!
  • 2 and 3-Dimensional Design: These two courses provide opportunities to explore 2D and 3D design principles. From the organization of lines and shapes and colors to the artist’s selection of materials and techniques-we’ll cover it in these classes.
  • Drawing and Composition: Pencil, charcoal, pen, and ink. Life, still life, and landscape. Walk away from this class with basic, free-hand drawing techniques to build upon as an artist.
  • Sculpture: Learn how to create sculpture art with a variety of mediums, including wood, plaster, clay, cloth, natural objects, video and other material.
  • Painting: Become more visually literate and more manually skillful—learn how to use a variety of painting techniques to create a successful and meaningful painting.
  • Color Theory: Study the aesthetics, science, and psychology of color and how it’s used in design.
  • Art Appreciation: Picasso. da Vinci. Renior. Learn about them all and study the detail and meaning of their timeless works—there’s more than meets the eye!



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