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PriorityEnrollment page

Current Students

Priority enrollment for current students starts Wednesday, October 22, 2014. Enrollment dates are based on earned hours.


  • 32 + hours earned – October 22nd through October 28th
  • 12+ hours earned – October 29th through November 4th
  • 0-11 hours earned – November 5th through November 12th

Priority enrollment is completed on a walk-in basis at all MACC locations.

Students with an approved Academic Plan may start enrolling on October 22nd through the online enrollment system.

New Students

You might be thinking, where do I begin?
Open enrollment for new students starts
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

For more information on how to enroll for the first time at MACC, click on “Admissions” and go to “Steps to Admission”.


Please complete these steps to register for classes during priority enrollment:

  1. Log on to “myMACC” and click on the “Student” tab.
  2. Next select “Academic Information”. Degree audit advisory forms on each major offered at MACC are located here under “Student Forms”. Choose the document that represents the degree you are seeking at MACC.
  3. After printing the form, find your student transcript on “myMACC”. It is also located on the “Academic Information” page. Write down the classes you have completed and determine which classes are remaining for the upcoming semesters. “Student” tab – “Registration” – “Course Needs” can also provide you with information for this process.
  4. Put together a schedule for summer and/or fall using your degree audit form as your guide. Course schedules will be available online at www.macc.edu. You can find them under “Programs”-“Course Offerings”.
  5. Now it’s time to see an MACC advisor and get registered for classes! As a currently enrolled student, be sure you know when your Priority Registration Date begins.

NOTE: All admitted Allied Health program majors (i.e. “OTA”, not “Pre-OTA”; “ADN”, not “Pre-ADN”) are required to meet with their assigned advisor. All Career & Technical Education majors are required to meet with their assigned faculty advisor. All academic majors may visit with an academic advisor at their campus of enrollment.


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