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MACC Celebrates International Education Week

Monday November 12

Main campus, Art Gallery: reception from 1:30- 3:30.Reconstructed Works by David Linneweh, who will be present at the reception.

Tuesday November 13

Main campus, room TBA 12 – 2 pm."Around the World in Art in 80 Minutes" A brown bag lunch where students can come around 12 and bring their lunch and see a few short videos of art with emphasis on multiculturalism, and globalization. Discussion to follow.

Columbia campus, Student Commons: 12:30 – 1:45 pm; Global Taste, with George Mummert's Religions of the World class

Main campus, Activity Center: 6:30 pm. Pizza party for international Students (George Mummert will transport interested students from the Columbia campus)

Main campus, Activity Center: 7:30 pm; Greyhound men's basketball game

Main campus, Activity Center: Half time introduction of International students

Wednesday November 14

Main campus, room TBA, 12 pm: a film 'Crossing Borders Education'. This documentary from the United Kingdom group 'Crossing Borders Education' shows the meeting of four American students and four Moroccan students that travel together. The documentary shows the misconceptions that both sets of students have about each other and how they work together from the encounter. The film will be followed by a panel discussion.

Thursday November 15

Main campus, Blue Room, 12 pm; showing of an animated Japanese film 'Spirited Away' (a Shinto version of the Alice in Wonderland story)

Columbia campus, Student Commons: 4 – 7:30 pm; A showing of the film 'Gandhi' (academy award winning film)

Friday November 16

Columbia campus, Room TBA, 4 pm: showing of an animated Japanese film 'Spirited Away' (a Shinto version of the Alice in Wonderland story)

Casablanca Restaurant, 6:30 pm: Global Education Committee and International Student dinner


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