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MACC’s Felicia Leach Participates in National Art Event

When a nationally recognized Art festival asks you to participate, there is usually a pause of disbelief and a gasped yes that follows. MACC’s Assistant Professor of Art and GAFA Gallery Director, Felicia Leach is no exception. While Leach has worked on other prestigious art exhibits, this latest with the Miss Rockaway Armada in Philadelphia was one of the most memorable.


“The Miss Rockaway Armada has been nationally recognized for their engaging and interactive mobile constructions and art installations. Through unexpected and innovative works of art, the members of the Armada share and promote sustainable ways of living while addressing important environment issues involving the use of renewable resources,” quotes their website.

“The group generated headlines for their two-year journey down the Mississippi River from 2006 to 2007, traveling on a sustainable flotilla of rafts while stopping in towns to present musical performances and vaudeville variety-theater.

The Miss Rockaway Armada seeks to create a new sustainable way of traveling while demonstrating different ways of living and moving that are friendlier to the environment and to each other.

The Miss Rockaway Armada in Philadelphia is a nontraditional exhibit and featured a flotilla of handmade and eco-friendly creations composed entirely from recycled and salvaged materials that parade from the Schuylkill River to various destinations throughout Philadelphia during the summer before being deconstructed into an exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. In addition to exploring the manipulative nature of art, The Miss Rockaway Aramda also embodied the contemporary grassroots approach to crafts that has resurfaced within the last decade.”

Leach was asked to join the group of artists who travel to Philadelphia and contribute their medium of art to the Armada.

She created a 4x10 ft. banner that was the billboard for The Miss Rockaway Armada Portions of it are seen being made in this documentary video:


Her banners were also used on the stage/amphitheater flotilla. These flotilla will be reassembled into a installation work inside of the gallery at the Philadelphia Art Alliance and will be exhibited until the end of the year. For more information on this project visit: www.rockawayatpaa.com

A showing of Leach’s work entitled, Open Season, is currently on exhibition at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama, in the Goodwyn Hall Gallery from November 3-December 2.

Information for this article was quoted from the following website: http://philartalliance.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/paa-proudly-presents-miss-rockaway-armada/

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