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MACC Music and Drama Departments present Madrigal Dinners

The community of Moberly will have the opportunity to visit Renaissance times at the MACC 2011 Madrigal Dinners with food, music, and all the regal pageantry and ceremonial pomp of Merry Old England in 1494.

The Madrigal Dinners is a joint presentation of both the MACC Drama and Music Departments. The festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. on November 17, 18, and 19 with all honored guests gathering in the MACC Art Gallery in the Graphic Arts-Fine Arts building for sparkling cider and assorted cheeses. After entering the reception hall, the guests will be greeted and entertained by members of the MACC Singers, and other musicians. When called upon, the guests will be led through the palace halls to the Grand Hall (the MACC Auditorium), where they will be introduced to the King and Queen, served a candle-lit feast and entertained by singers, instrumentalists, the jester, fortune tellers, beggars, and pageantry.

The host of this gathering will be the King (Jeffrey Griffin) and Queen (Shannon Grenke) of Deep Manor. The Jester (Dakota McWorter) will entertain with his funny antics. These characters and more will appear in the play presented with dinner entitled “Mertonsire, Lord of Misrule” by Paul Brandvik and directed by Joyce Pauley.

The court will be a busy place as strolling minstrels in Renaissance costumes charm and delight the guests. Be weary of beggars, street peddlers, and fortune tellers as these uninvited guests try to become a part of all the royal festivities. Magicians will amaze the guests with feats of magic at various times during the evening.

The feast, prepared to the Queen’s taste, will feature wosseyle coppes, fressh fruyt, letuse sallade wit Raspbery vinaigrette, Chikin Brest in whit soyce, Red Botata, streng, begables, browned rounde loofe, and Cheze caek. The Queen fancies herself with elegant names for the food, but the King has assured us that the food will be the best in all of England that night!

The MACC Singers (directed by Karen Werner) will perform madrigal music from the Renaissance period. They will perform music throughout the evening, but will be featured in a concert to the royal court and their guests. Throughout the evening many musicians will entertain.

Madrigal singing began in Italy in the Renaissance period. It spread throughout Europe reaching its peak in popularity in England. The madrigal music became a tradition in the upper nobility and wealthy merchants, and the term itself became synonymous with being part of a refined social status. Much of the music was written in the queen’s honor. However, the music soon spread to the lower classes, and they kept the music alive in their homes by singing madrigals after their meal. Just as many of us resort to TV viewing after dinner, the Renaissance family would sing the evening away or many times had singing contests as to who could sing the most modern or most popular madrigal tune.

In the 1960's Madrigal dinners were re-created and gained popularity on many university and college campuses. This will be fourth madrigal dinner on the campus of Moberly Area Community College, and it is hoped that this year’s event will draw all the supporters, the curious, the music lovers, and the just-want-to-have fun people into a land of Renaissance England.

Tickets for the MACC Madrigal Dinners are $16 and which includes the, meal and entertainment Please note: the madrigal dinners are not recommended for children under 6. Tickets are available at the MACC Cashiers Office, by calling 660-263-4110 ext. 11354, or by mailing your remittance (checks payable to MACC) to Music Department, Moberly Area Community College, 101 College Ave., Moberly Missouri 65270. Tickets will go on sale November 1, but must be reserved by Wednesday, November 16, 2011. No tickets will be sold at the door.


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