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HLC Criterion 2 Brown Bag Seminar

MACC's HLC Criterion 2 team recently presented a Brown Bag Seminar to education faculty and staff on what their team learned during the self-study process of MACC's 2011 Higher Learning Commission Re-Accreditation process. Sandy Marek and Susan Burden presented information on how MACC is "Preparing for the Future". Criterion 2's theme is Toy Story (riffing off of Buzz Lightyear's phrase "To infinity and beyond!") Criterion 2's chapter is based off of this statement,"The organization's allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and planning demonstrate its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its education, and respond to future challenges and opportunities." The chapter is split into four components which deal with preparing for the future by shaping MACC through societal and economic trends; ensuring that MACC's resources support quality educational programs now and prepare for their future; that MACC's evaluation and assessment processes are what inform its strategies for improvement; and that all of MACC's planning align with the College's mission. The event began with a lunch. While information covered was pretty serious, the atmosphere lightened the dense material Sandy and Susan covered. Toy Story III played on the big screen while attendees ate lunch, blue punch and blue icing brownies served as treats as well as a variety of toy story snacks. This seminar is one in a series that MACC is hosting to give all College employees a chance to better understand the self-study process and what has been learned through it. Criterion 3 will be featured in February.


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