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Recovered Property Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the procedures to be followed in recording, storing and disposing of items turned in as recovered property at all Moberly Area Community College sites. The Director of Security, H12 Andrew Komar, Jr. Hall, will administer the campus-wide recovered property program. The President has given the Director of Security the responsibility and authority to ensure that recovered property procedures are appropriately followed. This procedure applies to all employees of Moberly Area Community College and follows Missouri Revised Statutes, chapter 447.

Collection/Storage of Found Items and Disposal of Unclaimed Property

All items found by faculty, staff and students or items turned in to any College department shall be turned over to the Security Office, located inside the Office of Student Affairs. All recovered property should be reported to the Security Office within 24 hours of receiving it. Departments should attempt to determine:

  • Name of the person finding the property
  • Where the property was found
  • Any other relevant information pertaining to the discovery of the property

This information shall be recorded on a Moberly Area Community College Report Form (form GI 601) by the employee receiving the recovered property.

In addition, if the recovered property is a wallet or purse, the contents should be inventoried in front of the person turning in the property, and any currency contained within should be counted. If valuable, the property should be locked in a safe location until Security can retrieve it. Property should not be sent via campus mail.

After taking possession of the recovered property, the Director of Security will log the property into record and check against any lost inquiries made. Every attempt will be made to contact the owner of the property by using identification obtained within the property. The recovered property will then be stored in a secure location. Any item that has the potential of spoiling or creating an unclean or unsafe situation will be disposed of immediately (e.g. plastic ware, soiled clothing, undergarments, toiletry items and prescription drugs) if owner cannot be contacted. These items will not be logged in. Moberly Area Community College ID cards will not be logged in and will be turned over to Student Affairs. Vehicle license plates and driver's licenses will not be logged in and will be turned over to the Department of Revenue.

After items of value have been held for a period of at least 60 (sixty) days and go unclaimed, the College will sell the property at a public auction. Proceeds from the auction shall be used by the College for a cause or purpose associated with the aims and endeavors of the College, as approved by the President. Items valued under $20.00 and clean clothing items will be donated to a local charity after 60 (sixty) days.