Semester Abroad

In cooperation with the Missouri Consortium for Global Education

The Semester Abroad program has been carefully designed to provide an educational experience with several aspects.

Canterbury Christ Church University is an accredited British College of Higher Education offering a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses. The College has students from over 50 countries, and provides its approximately 18,000 students with a friendly environment and excellent support services.

Program Highlights

  • Earn college credit.
  • Study with British instructors at Canterbury Christ Church University College.
  • Live with a British family in Canterbury.
  • Experience the history and politics of England.
  • Participate in several study-field excursions to sites such as Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Oxford, Hastings, Bath/Stonehenge, Leeds Castle, and Dover. Optional trips to the continent and local areas are available.

Eligibility Requirements
12 college credit hours completed
2.75 GPA or better
Completed Composition I with a C or better

Selection Criteria
Student profile
Short essay indicating educational goals
Personal character recommendation
Academic recommendation
Interview process

Family Life

Each student will live with a British family in a Canterbury home; every effort is made to find accommodation within two miles of the college campus. The student will have a private room and eat breakfast daily at the home (other meals are at the student’s expense, but the College has an economical cafeteria) and the family provides once-a-week laundry. Every effort is made to match each student to a family of similar interests and let the relationship develop as each party wants. For many, the home-stay is the beginning of a life-long friendship and provides unique insight into the British way of life.


As an important part of the educational experience, the program includes trips to famous sites in the southern part of England (these are examples and may not be the exact schedule this year):

  • Hastings, scene of the famous battle in 1066 when the Normans, led by William the Conqueror, made the last successful invasion of England
  • Dover, famous for its white cliffs and Saxon lighthouse overlooking the English Channel…to France
  • Stonehenge, the brooding stone pre-historic monument
  • Cambridge and its famous university
  • London, center of the old empire, focus of world banking today, with all its historic sites and world famous theatre attractions

The student’s class schedule is arranged with three-day weekends to encourage independent travel to other parts of the United Kingdom or Europe. Students may take advantage of optional weekend trips planned by the College to Edinburgh, Amsterdam, and other locations, and will find great assistance in arranging an extensive tour of the Continent at the end of the academic program, if desired.


Program Costs


Program in Canterbury


Includes transportation from London airport to Canterbury and return, a single room in a Canterbury home with daily breakfast, scheduled study-field excursions, and use of all Canterbury Christ Church University College student facilities.


$ 9000








MACC District Residents (12 hours)
Other Missouri Residents (12 hours)




Health Insurance




Extra Expense


Individual spending money (for meals, travel, souvenirs)


$2000 – $5000


A deposit check for $250.00 payable to Moberly Area Community College will be due at the time of application. The deposit will be refunded at the program’s end if there are no damages incurred or outstanding fines. The estimated airfare of $1400 is due to MACC by June 1st and the estimated program fee by July 15th. Any balance of funds will be due by August 1st or as soon as notified.

Course Work

The student will take courses designed to provide college-level instruction on Great Britain as well as courses of personal interest. All classes will be taught by British instructors. Half the courses will be especially conducted for American students; the rest will place the student in regular classes of Canterbury Christ Church University College alongside British students. All courses are the equivalents of courses in the MACC course catalog and will appear on the student’s record with full credit as Moberly Area Community College courses.

All Students Must Take

PSC 201: British Politics & Society

Students Must Take One

HST 109: Introduction to British History
LAL 150: English Literature to 1750

Students Must Choose Two

ART 110: Drawing & Comp I
ART 111: Drawing & Comp II
ART 201: Painting I
ART 202: Painting II
ART 299: Drawing Comp III
DRM 120: Theater Appreciation
HST 215: America in Vietnam
HST 299: The US in Crisis & Civil War
LAL 121: American Lit Survey from 1870
LAL 252: Children’s Literature
LAL 299: Shakespeare
PHI 152: Introduction to Ethics
PHI 251: Religions of the World
PSC 299: US Foreign Policy
PSY 210: Social Psychology
SOC 101: Sociology

Step-by-Step Guide to Studying Abroad

More Information

To receive more information on the Semester Abroad program

Write: Office of Vice President for Instruction
101 College Avenue
Moberly, MO 65270
Call: 660-263-4110, ext. 11213

Moberly Area Community College (“College”) has made every reasonable effort to determine that the information stated herein is accurate. Courses offered and other matters contained herein are subject to change without notice by the Administration and/or Board of Trustees of the College for reasons related to enrollment, finances, scheduling, costs, or for any other reason. The College further reserves the right to add, amend or repeal any of the rules, regulations, policies, or procedures applicable to the
program offered herein. Travel, housing, meals, and other logistical arrangements are provided by an independent contractor not affiliated with the College and the College assumes no responsibility therefore. Participants will be required to sign a statement releasing the College from any liability in connection with the program offered herein or the services provided by the independent contractor. Insurance coverage is recommended. The College is not responsible for losses resulting from lack of any insurance coverage.

Non-Discrimination Statement
Moberly Area Community College is committed to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of sex, handicap, race, creed, color, religion, national origin, age, and marital or parental status in admission, educational programs or activities, and employment, as specified by federal and state laws and regulations. Inquiries concerning the non-discrimination policy should be made to the President’s Office, Moberly Area Community College, 101 College Avenue, Moberly, MO 65270.

Americans with Disabilities Act Statement
Students with documentable disabilities as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act may register proper documentation with the Office of Student Affairs. The Student Affairs Office will then notify appropriate instructors of suggested official accommodations. Students may also wish to personally inform their instructors of their particular disabilities.

1981-82 National Championship Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran
Ball Boy – Troy Halterman
Eleanor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Brenna Kelly
Carmela McMullen
Tammy Harryman
Janet Thompson
Kim Cooley
Lisa Brown
Georgia Hinson
Kathy Schulz
Denise Derrieux
Margrett Bassett
Jackie Glosson
Marion Fitzsimmons
Manager – Debbie Brown
Manager – John Peveler

1980-1981 Women's Basketball Team

Coach Dick Halterman
Coach John Cochran 
Sandy Moore
Pat Seger Zeitlow
Lisa Linathcum Holt
Patty Rapp Thorne
Renne Skaggs Brown
Vickie Crigler
Elenaor Carr
Rochelle McKenzie
Sheri Sills Schneider
Sara Figg Gillilan
Manager Roxie Robinson
Manager Debbie Brown

1977-78 Women’s Team

Coach Joyce Campbell
Assistant Coach Steve Hunter
Mary Smiley Wohlford
Linda Connor Seidt
Robin Fitzsimmons Trammell
Janet Jackson
Debbie Stith Head
Kristie Richards Musick
Donna Farris David
Brenda Rucker
Neal Head, trainer
Cara Sue Bowden Cockerham, manager