Global Education

MACC recognizes that as technology and global trade grows, the world we live in shrinks. It’s vital that you, as a student, learn to interact with the global community. MACC offers two programs to encourage international literacy: the Global Studies Certificate and the Semester Abroad Program. Shorter, individual opportunities for educational travel during school breaks are offered on a regular basis to such places as Europe, Eastern Europe and Costa Rica, to name a few. Check in with the Academic Affairs Office to see when the next trip is scheduled.

Global Studies Certificate

The mission of the Global Studies Certificate is to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge for living and working in a global society, focusing on major issues and influences shaping the contemporary world. Successful completion of the certificate will assist students in developing a sense of international literacy.

Students who meet the following course requirements will receive a Global Studies Certificate upon graduation with an Associate’s degree. The Global Studies Certificate itself is not a transfer program.

1. General Education (1) 12 hours

2. GLS 201 Global Studies Seminar 3 hours

3. Foreign Language 6-10 hours
At least a 2-semester sequence in the same language.

4. Geography (other than U.S.) 3 hours

5. Electives (1) 3-6 hours

(1) Courses must be approved International/Global courses. Academic advisors can assist students in choosing approved courses.

Semester Abroad

The Semester Abroad program has been carefully designed to provide an educational experience with several aspects.

Canterbury Christ Church University College is an accredited British College of Higher Education offering a variety of undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses. The College has students from over 50 countries, and provides its approximately 10,000 students with a friendly environment and excellent support services. An instructor will accompany students to Canterbury and be available to students throughout the semester.

Step-by-Step Guide to Studying Abroad

For more information about Global Education at MACC, please contact
Student Affairs